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Dante84 04:43 PM 07-14-2020
Squad looking good, holes plugged. What's next?

I think it's time to rally around the franchise and add some IOL studs. I also think MLB and CB are the other needs. TE of the future, but that's not a must.

I know we only have two WR's under contract after this year, so I'd imagine we'll focus there. But as we've seen, Brett Veach can work miracles.

2021 FA WR's:
Chris Godwin
Keenan Allen
Allen Robinson
Cooper Kupp
Kenny Golladay
JuJu Smith-Schuster
Mike Williams*
A.J. Green
Marvin Jones
T.Y. Hilton
Bowser 05:20 PM 07-14-2020
Off that list give me some Allen Robinson and/or Kenny Golladay across from Tyreek.
Direckshun 07:31 PM 07-14-2020
Well if they manage the cap like I think they will they’ll be in the market for WR, DE, and CB hardcore. We’ve got some on-roster options at CB, so time will tell there.

We know, as you correctly noted in the OP, that we’re going to be short at WR. Fortunately good, quick WRs that can get separation are all over free agency, and I expect the biggest contract Veach will hand out will be at that position.

I personally assume they cut Okafor and let Kpassagnon walk, and I’d really like them to keep Kpass but I don’t know. As a result, expect heavy investment at DE in the draft. (And no, I’m not counting on Breeland Speaks.)

There are other positions — the Chiefs tried to spend big at guard this offseason, so that’s still an option depending on the FA market. They also have literally no depth at TE, but it’s clear the Chiefs under Mahomes do not care about TE depth. Same goes for LB. I’d expect a draft pick there but they’ll roll with Gay, Hitchens, and just some more dudes they find here or there. The FA market is pretty good for LBs.

All in all, I think the team’s going to have like $40m or so in free agency if they extend certain players aggressively, and will likely have 8 draft picks.

They’re also going to let a bunch of dudes walk so I’d expect 4 compensatory picks in 2022.
RunKC 09:49 PM 07-14-2020
Add more strength to your strengths. Give Mahomes another weapon and draft another pass rusher.

Those are the two position groups on our team that help Mahomes the most
Halfcan 09:49 PM 07-14-2020
Keep drafting weapons for Mahomes.
DJ's left nut 08:52 AM 07-15-2020

Hoover 10:12 AM 07-15-2020
The next phase requires disciplined drafting because we are going to lose a lot of talented guys we can't afford to keep. On the positive side, it should rain compensatory picks for a few years.

2021 free agents: K-Pass, Damien Williams, Sorenson, and Watkins
2022 free agents: is like a Who's who. Mathieu, Fisher, Kelce, Schwartz, Speaks, Nnandi,

Obviously the 22 class gives one a headache, but I think Veach will work his magic and a lot of those guys will probably want to stay and give the team a friendly deal.

The guys I just don't see us holding onto are KPass and Nnandi, and they are key contributors.
Direckshun 11:10 AM 07-15-2020
I’d like us to keep Kpass but really that 2021 class is totally manageable — you could let them all walk and have the resources to fix up the roster very well. Let’s also remember that LAST YEAR, the year Mahomes helped us WIN THE SUPER BOWL...

...that was Mahomes’ fourth year focusing exclusively on football. As he learns more, the margin for error we’re going to have will explode. So 2021 doesn’t bother me.

They’re going to have to extend Kelce and Badger in 2021, though, and probably Schwartz. Because that’s a daunting 2022 if they don’t.
Direckshun 11:11 AM 07-15-2020
Oddly enough the trickiest player out of all of this is Ward, because there is going to be a WIDE variance on opinions regarding how good he is and what he’s worth.
Hoover 11:17 AM 07-15-2020
Isn't Ward going to be an ERFA - meaning we can keep him on the cheap for one more year?

I too would love to keep KPass, I just don't see it happening.
DaneMcCloud 11:46 AM 07-15-2020
Unless Ward has a breakout 2020 season, I wouldn't pay him more than $8 million or so per.

He's not a #1 CB and while he's been somewhat effective at times, he still has a lot to learn about the position and continued to make a ton of mistakes late in the regular season.