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Wilson8 12:15 AM 01-14-2020
East-West Shrine will be in St. Petersburg starting this week. Game 2 PM CT on Saturday on the NFL Network.

Some players to watch for Shrine game - QBs Kelly Bryant of Missouri, Utahís Tyler Huntley, Mason Fine of North Texas and Kevin Davidson of Princeton; along with Notre Dame RB Tony Jones; Oregon WR Juwan Johnson; OTs Calvin Throckmorton of Oregon, Charlie Heck of North Carolina, Matt Womack of Alabama and Michiganís Jon Runyan; Arizona State C Cohl Cabral; DEs Alex Highsmith of Charlotte and Joe Gaziano of Northwestern; Miami LBs Shaq Quarterman and Michael Pinckney; Michigan CB Lavert Hill and Alabama safety Shyheim Carter.

NFLPA game will be played at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena with game at 6 PM CT, with coverage on the NFL Network.
Wilson8 01:14 AM 01-14-2020
Day 1 practice notes

SMALL-SCHOOL STANDOUTS: Prospects from small schools have a chance at these all-star events to really get on the radar with NFL teams. There were three who stood out on Monday. Princeton QB Kevin Davidson (6-foot-4, 225 pounds) is as advertised with a big arm and deep-ball accuracy. WR Mason Kinsey from Berry College doesn't look like a Division III player with his route-running and ball skills. And DT Tershawn Wharton from Missouri S&T more than held his own in one-on-one line drills. "It was funny," said one scout. "Some of the big-school kids couldn't compete with him."

COMPETITIVE ROSTERS: More than one scout mentioned the overall quality of the rosters this year, as opposed to the past. "Scout-friendly," said one. "I wouldn't be surprised if we see one or two taken later in (Round) 2," added another. "Lots of mid-round picks where teams make or break their drafts."

LATE SCRATCH: According to an East-West official, Auburn CB Javaris Davis (concussion) was sent home before practices began after event doctors failed to pass him on his physical.

LATE-COMERS: Five players in Monday's National Championship are expected to arrive on Tuesday. One -- Clemson safety Tanner Muse, who initially accepted an invitation -- is not expected to participate this week. The five players include wide receiver Derrick Dillon and linebacker Michael Divinity Jr. from LSU, and wide receiver Diondre Overton, center Sean Pollard and guard Gage Cervenka from Clemson
Wilson8 04:57 AM 01-17-2020
Link to East West Shrine game players and their height, weight, arm length, hand size.

Same type of info for the NFLPA players
Wilson8 10:27 PM 01-17-2020

A list of the top players from the East West Shrine game practice from the week -

QB KELLY BRYANT #7 West Missouri 6’3/221 9 1/2″ hand size
RB RICO DOWDLE #35 East South Carolina 5’11/214
RB JAMES ROBINSON #25 West Illinois St 5’9/222 8 3/4″ hands
WR JOHN HIGHTOWER #16 West Boise St 6’1/185 9 5/8″ hands
WR JORDAN McCRAY #13 West Oklahoma State 6’5/191
TE MITCHELL WILCOX East. #89 USF 6’4/240 9 1/8″ hands
OT CHARLIE HECK #67 East North Carolina 6’7/307 34″ arms - Chiefs OL coach Andy Heck's kid
OT JON RUNYAN #75 East Michigan 6’4/313 33″ arms - Jon Runyan's kid (former Oiler, Titan, Eagle)
OG KEVIN DOTSON #75 West LA/Lafayette 6’4/310 33″ arms
OG KYLE MURPHY #64 East Rhode Island 6’3/307 33 1/8″ arms
OC ZACH SHACKELFORD #56 West Texas 6’3/303 31″ arms

DE JOE GAZIANO #97 East Northwestern 6’4/281 9 1/2″ hands
DE JAMES SMITH-WILLIAMS #91 East NC State 6’4/261 34″ arms
DT McTELVIN AGIM #93 West Arkansas 6’3/305 33 3/8″ arms
DT RAEQUAN WILLIAMS #98 West Michigan St 6’4/287 33 1/8″arm
LB SHAQ QUARTERMAN #55 East Miami (F) 6’1/242 31″ arms
LB CAMERON GILL #92 East Wagner 6’2/238 9 7/8″ hands
LB JOHN HOUSTON #40 West USC 6’3/225 9 1/2″ hands
CB NEVELLE CLARKE #41 East UCF 6’1/179 32″ arms
CB STANTLEY THOMAS-OLIVER #39 East FIU 6’0/183 32 arms
S DAVID DOWELL #36 West Michigan State 6’0/199 32 1/2″ arms
S PATRICK NELSON #33 West SMU 5’11/213 31 3/4″ arms
Chris Meck 10:58 PM 01-17-2020
Runyan and Heck both would be worth looking into. Coaches kids are normally pretty fundamentally sound, and his measurables look the part. I've seen a little of Runyan's kid, and he's more of a finesse player than his old man was. That sort of athleticism would fit a Reid scheme.

I will disclose that I obviously haven't seen a lot of either. Just talking background and measurables.
Wilson8 11:17 PM 01-17-2020
Not sure how that would work if Chiefs drafted Andy's kid. Might be some stress level there for Andy and Charlie.

I know lots of more important things to think about right now, but if you get NFL Network you may want to record at least the Shrine game. Usually some good talent for later rounds in draft.
Dante84 07:23 PM 01-18-2020
I’ll start the 2020 KC draft interest tracker thread as soon as the Season ends.... don’t want to jump the gun. I’m superstitious like that.
ntexascardfan 12:01 PM 01-19-2020
This week should take Texas center, Zach Shackleford, off our boards(I've seen him in a couple mocks). I love Texas obviously pump their players here whenever I can, but the dude isn't an NFL center.
[Reply] 12:25 PM 01-22-2020
The center from LSU is really interesting.
staylor26 06:30 PM 01-22-2020
Originally Posted by
The center from LSU is really interesting.
I like Cushenberry.
[Reply] 10:29 AM 01-23-2020
Originally Posted by staylor26:
I like Cushenberry.
He's my top OC I've seen in my limited look around. Really athletic and strong.

I dunno where he's projected to go.
duncan_idaho 10:47 AM 01-23-2020
Originally Posted by
He's my top OC I've seen in my limited look around. Really athletic and strong.

I dunno where he's projected to go.
2nd/3rd, but I think his stock is rising.

Nick Harris from Washington is similar. I think Harris is Rodney Hudson pt. 2.