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duncan_idaho 10:39 PM 01-13-2020
Watching the game tonight, a few players from LSU really popped out to me, so I thought I'd see what everyone else was seeing and feeling.

First: MLB Patrick Queen. I know he hasn't played a lot until this year, but the guy sure looks like he has the skills to be that rare 3-down MLB. Speed, hitting ability, instincts, and coverage skills. I've seen him projected as a 5th-round guy, but i bet he helped himself tonight.

Second: Clyde Edwards-Helaire. I know he's a midget, but the dude is a load to tackle and a great receiver. Seems like a potential late fit for KC that could evolve into a Maurice Jones-Drew type player.
Wilson8 03:06 PM 01-14-2020
Lots of excellent talent in the game.

Game was fun to watch but I always view with an eye towards what players could help the Chiefs.

It will be interesting to see which of the Juniors declare for the draft. I thought they had a week after National Championship game, but I read today that the deadline is this Friday.

I agree Junior Patrick Queen is a very good college football player. LSU lists him at 6-1, 227, so if he declares this year, looking forward to see how fast he is and his actual measurements.

Also Clyde Edwards-Helaire is a Junior. Will he declare and then how early will he go in draft? If he is there in later rounds for KC, I could see them going for him.

Also a Junior is MLB James Skalski. Yes, that was for sure targeting. He is a tough SOB and wouldn't mind him being a Chief. I have read that he is probably returning to Clemson for his Senior year.

I'd also take several of the DBs, but several aren't draftable yet, and others will be long gone before KC gets a chance.
duncan_idaho 03:21 PM 01-14-2020
I thought Fulton looked like shit. Anytime he was matched up against one of their NFL wideouts and that guy ran a good route, Fulton gave up a lot of separation.
Wilson8 03:39 PM 01-14-2020
I agree that it wasn't Kristian Fulton's best game, but if you look at the stat line, he ended up with 6 solo tackles, 1 TFL, and Clemson receivers had only 76 (Ross), 60 (Galloway), and 52 (Higgins) yards with no TDs. It was good enough for a National Championship.

But I would not mind if Fulton was still there at 32, that KC drafts him. He has a lot that the Chiefs could work with.
Wilson8 12:09 AM 01-16-2020
LSU Juniors that declared for NFL Draft -
FS Grant Delpit
WR Justin Jefferson
LB Jacob Phillips
LB Patrick Queen
C Lloyd Cushenberry
RB Clyde Edwards-Helaire
Wilson8 01:46 PM 01-16-2020
Another LSU player declares -

LT Saahdiq Charles
Buehler445 08:26 PM 01-16-2020
Originally Posted by Wilson8:
Another LSU player declares -

LT Saahdiq Charles
Alright, I know I'm just a hay seed farmboy, but my GOD what kind of a name is that?
Wilson8 11:08 PM 01-16-2020
Originally Posted by Buehler445:
Alright, I know I'm just a hay seed farmboy, but my GOD what kind of a name is that?
It is unique enough that you can do a Google search on "Saahdiq" and only bring back info on him.

I am guessing that it is a different spelling for Sadiq which mean honest, trueheart, sincere, faithful, or devoted in the Arabic language.

He is rated as a second day draft pick.
Wilson8 03:26 PM 01-17-2020
LSU's OLB K'lavon Chaisson and TE Thaddeus Moss declare for NFL.