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Saccopoo Memorial Draft Forum>Isiah Simmons 11:19 PM 12-28-2019
Dude is a total athletic freak show. What is he at the next level? A safety or lber or that hybrid type Derwin James player?

Hes gonna go way before the chiefs pick right?
kccrow 11:38 PM 12-28-2019
Could be a SS or OLB. I think he's better as an OLB though... I'd guess he'll go in the top 15.
Mecca 06:15 PM 12-30-2019
He's probably a hybrid LB that plays the Will and can handle TE's in coverage.....basically every single mock has him going to Denver or Oakland, figures huh?
MotherfuckerJones 06:49 PM 12-30-2019
I’ve been all over this prospect for awhile. He’ll be long gone but he’d be awesome with this defense. Could be KCs Deion Jones type of player.
BWillie 05:44 PM 01-01-2020
Trade up to get him. Generational new age talent