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Direckshun 04:36 PM 02-24-2020

1. After the season, the Chiefs extend/re-sign QB Patrick Mahomes 5 years, $200m; WR Sammie Watkins 3 years, $35m; DT Mike Pennel 2 years, $10m; DE Emmanuel Ogbah 1 year, $7m.

2. The Chiefs trade DT Chris Jones to your mother's 14th favorite team for a 1st and a 2021 2nd.

3. The Chiefs cut: OG Laurent Duvarney-Tardif, OG Ryan Hunter, DE Alex Okafor, P Dustin Colquitt.

4. The Chiefs sign CB Mike Hilton, a RFA from the Steelers, which awards the Steelers our 4th round pick.

5. The Chiefs trade DE Breeland Speaks for a 2021 conditional pick.

6. The Chiefs re-sign to minimal deals: QB Matt Moore, FB Anthony Sherman, TE Blake Bell, OG/C Stefan Wisniewski, ILB Reggie Ragland, S Jordan Lucas

7. The Chiefs tender: WR Marcus Kemp, OG Andrew Wylie

8. The Chiefs let walk: QB Chad Henne, RB LeSean McCoy, RB Spencer Ware, WR Demarcus Robinson, TE Deon Yelder, DT Xavier Williams, DE Terrell Suggs, LB Darron Lee, CB Kendall Fuller, CB Morris Claiborne, CB Alex Brown, CB Keith Reaser

9. The Chiefs sign: RB Chris Thompson (Redskins), OLB Wesley Woodyard (Titans), CB Chris Harris (Broncos).

10. The Chiefs are selecting 32nd. They receive no compensatory picks.

The Selections:

1 (Jones). DT Javon Kinlaw, South Carolina

Kinlaw is a Chris Jones type. Has all of Jones' physicals, and all of his downside. Perhaps he will be more motivated against the run, but after trading Jones off, it might be worth ensuring we can still pressure up the gut.

1. LB Kenneth Murray, Oklahoma

Murray has all the physicals and smarts to be a Top 10 linebacker in the NFL, but he has absolutely no idea how to cover, since the Sooners never asked him to. Fortunately the Chiefs will be bringing Wesley Woodyard in house to coach him up on and off the field.

2 (Ford). C Nick Harris, Washington

Harris is the ideal center for an athletic, get-out-in-space O-line. I imagine the Chiefs will roll with Reiter for the year, lining up Harris to take right over. Personally, I think Nick Allegretti has the physicals to play guard.

3. TE Adam Trautman, Dayton

Trautman has all the physicals of Travis Kelce, including his speed. He should be able to become a hell of a route-runner as well. His issues are going to be the physicality of the NFL. He's got starter-upside, no question, and Andy Reid will have fun playing him. But he's going to be 3rd on the depth chart his rookie year while he learns how to block.

5. CB Myles Bryant, Washington

A mid-round draft crush. Bryant is as fun to watch as any non-elite prospect this year of any position. He's Brandon Flowers: small-ish, zone-friendly, incredibly aggressive and physical. A veritable Honey Badger of intensity in the slot. With this pick, the Chiefs will have replenished their CB depth chart.


QB: Mahomes, Moore, Shurmur
RB: Williams, Thompson, Thompson, Williams
FB: Sherman

WR: Hill, Watkins, Hardman, Pringle, Kemp, Dieter
TE: Kelce, Bell, Trautman

LT: Fisher, Erving
LG: Rankin, Wisniewski
C: Reiter, Harris
RG: Wylie, Allegretti
RT: Schwartz, Erving

DE: Clark, Harris
DT: Saunders, Kinlaw
DT: Nnadi, Pennel
DE: Ogbah, Kpassagnon

OLB: Woodyard, Murray, O'Daniel
ILB: Hitchens, Niemann
OLB: Wilson, Ragland

CB: Harris, Ward, Fenton, Hilton, Bryant
S: Matthieu, Thornhill, Sorensen, Watts, Lucas

K: Butker
P: some dude
LS: Winchester
The Franchise 11:34 PM 02-24-2020
I like the Trautman pick and bringing back Pennel. That’s about it.
[Reply] 09:09 AM 02-25-2020
Why would everyone rather resign Sammy Watkins, a WR with injury concerns that is the 3rd or 4th option in the offense and trade our best most important defensive player?

You just pay Jones. Deal with the other issues later. This isn't hard guys.
Hoover 10:04 AM 02-25-2020
And why do you give away a young player like DE Breeland Speaks for a cup of coffee?

This shit always drives me nuts. He has more value to the Chiefs than anyone else because he's cheap and controllable. Him being on the roster does nothing to hurt us. Same with guys like DOD.

I also HATE that we address the biggest need on our team, CB, but investing 4th and 5th round picks, I don't know maybe its sneaky good, but I'd rather pay Fuller safety money and use #32 for a CB with some upside than bet the farm on Mike Hilton and a 5ht round CB.
Titty Meat 02:13 AM 02-26-2020
Direck does this every year where he only drafts backups and it's annoying.

We would be stupid not to re-sign Jones which easily can be done with getting rid of Watkins contract.