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Mama Hip Rockets 08:06 AM 03-28-2019
Get the offseason thread out of here. It's on!

Opening day roster:

Catchers (2): Cam Gallagher, Martin Maldonado

Infielders (7): Hunter Dozier, Lucas Duda, Whit Merrifield, Adalberto Mondesi, Ryan O’Hearn, Chris Owings, Frank Schwindel

Outfielders (4): Alex Gordon, Terrance Gore, Billy Hamilton, Jorge Soler

Starting pitchers (3): Jakob Junis, Brad Keller, Jorge Lopez

Relief pitchers (9): Scott Barlow, Brad Boxberger, Jake Diekman, Chris Ellis, Tim Hill, Ian Kennedy, Kevin McCarthy, Wily Peralta, Kyle Zimmer

Injured list: Danny Duffy, Brian Flynn, Jesse Hahn, Salvador Perez

Suspended: Eric Skoglund
duncan_idaho 05:36 PM 04-08-2019
Catching up:
The attendance is disappointing. The city supports the team very well from the confines of the couch. I think that maybe the taste of success is hammering attendance now.

That’s the price they pay for having five years of contention and then falling back.

It will get better as the year goes on, but considering how down it is now, it’s tough to see it going to real heights.

Re: boring old guys instead of vets

I said it was defensible to a point. They have careened past that point at breakneck speed.

Owings and Duda are getting far too much run.

Re: the bullpen
It looked like Zimmer lost the feel for his curve. He needs to have that to be successful in the majors. Hopefully this is a short stint.

They may have also wanted to get a “long” guy in Sparkman available for this week.

I look forward to the second half, when the pen should feature Zimmer and Staumont and Lovelady.
Mama Hip Rockets 05:53 PM 04-08-2019
Originally Posted by Bowser:
Gore is a game changer on a contender, as he and Dyson were for us in '15. Well, this team ain't the '15 team....
Fair enough. But is there anybody who needs to be on the roster from whom Gore is stealing playing time? I'd rather get rid of Owings, Duda, and pretty much any relief pitcher than Gore.
Mama Hip Rockets 05:54 PM 04-08-2019
Originally Posted by KCUnited:
Gore’s a funny car in a funeral procession right now.
KChiefs1 06:44 PM 04-08-2019
ILChief 06:52 PM 04-08-2019
Batting practice
petegz28 07:47 PM 04-08-2019
This team refuses to hold a lead now....

Up 2-0

Tied 2-2

Up 4-2

Tied 4-4
petegz28 08:02 PM 04-08-2019
And now we are losing..again...2-2run leads blown....
petegz28 08:12 PM 04-08-2019
Tim Hill...why does he still pitch for this team?
Munson 08:19 PM 04-08-2019
Down 3, with the bases still loaded.

Munson 08:20 PM 04-08-2019
And 30 seconds later, we're now trailing by 5.
tk13 08:21 PM 04-08-2019
I'm going to go out on a limb here and say our bullpen is still not very good.
petegz28 08:21 PM 04-08-2019
Pen has allowed 5 runs I believe already..maybe 4. And that's with only recording 1 out...
petegz28 08:22 PM 04-08-2019
Okay so the Pen is only charged with 2 runs so far this inning and both were to Hill. Bailey has been charged with 7 runs tonight
'Hamas' Jenkins 08:23 PM 04-08-2019
You guys are using Homer Bailey in a major league game? That's a hell of a tanking strategy.
Mama Hip Rockets 08:23 PM 04-08-2019
Chris Owings > Homer Bailey
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