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The Lounge>***Official 2018-19 NHL Season Thread***
Gadzooks 02:44 PM 10-03-2018
The puck drops tonight!!!

Originally Posted by DaFace:
Join My League in the 2019 NHL Bracket Contest!

1. Create a bracket here:
2. Copy your secret edit link, and then paste it here:

You can check out the league members & results here:

Fish 11:11 PM 04-19-2019
Best Ass I've seen in over a decade.
St. Patty's Fire 09:08 AM 04-20-2019
Originally Posted by Bearcat:
Sharks/Knights get a couple nights off, then game 7 would be Tuesday.... Avalanche could have an entire week off.

Catching the Avalanche in Vegas would be fun. Expensive... but, fun.
Big for Rantanen that the Avs get some time off. He’s been amazing in this series but he still looks a bit hurt.
GloryDayz 12:18 PM 04-20-2019
This cracked me up. I get this from my 14yo goalie son after Stick & Puck where his stick was broken by some dude... He asks me why I've never broken one of his sticks! Oh, it's on.. I'll grill his stick if I have to, but I'm breaking one!

DaFace 12:47 PM 04-20-2019
As of right now, three series have ended. With 13 brackets submitted, that means there are 39 opportunities for correct picks so far. And so far, our collective group has produced 3 correct picks (2 for NYI, 1 for COL).


How is your bracket ?

— Nikita Zadorov (@zadorov61) April 20, 2019

Not very well, Z. Not very well.
Discuss Thrower 05:04 PM 04-20-2019
C'mon St. Louis don't fuckin choke
Pasta Giant Meatball 05:16 PM 04-20-2019
Bury them
Discuss Thrower 05:17 PM 04-20-2019
Clang another in there. Send these chucklefucks back to 'toba tonight.
Pasta Giant Meatball 07:04 PM 04-20-2019
26-6 shots on goal thru 2 :-) These Canadians are deflated after the comeback the other night
Pasta Giant Meatball 07:30 PM 04-20-2019
Schwartz says buh bye Jets with the hatty!
GloryDayz 07:39 PM 04-20-2019
Let's go Blues...
Discuss Thrower 07:45 PM 04-20-2019
Take me hooooooooooooome country roooooooooooooooooooads
Discuss Thrower 07:49 PM 04-20-2019
lol even NHL refs suck enough to Inadvertent Whistle
GloryDayz 07:50 PM 04-20-2019
4 would have been sweet...
Discuss Thrower 07:50 PM 04-20-2019
Oh fuck off
ChiefsCountry 07:51 PM 04-20-2019
Because Blues?
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