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Saccopoo Memorial Draft Forum>Utah States Darwin Thompson is the next big thing
Iconic 12:25 PM 03-16-2019

Check out the last half of this tape, from 4:57 onward. Just do it.

Now come back and tell me this kid isn't being COMPLETELY overlooked just off tape.

Stats and measurables?

PFF seems to think highly of him.
40.5” vertical, 4.40 forty, bench pressing 450 pounds, and squatting 750 this kid is MONSTER. He's only had a year starting with 151 attempts for 1044 yards at 6.9 yds/carry.

The knock on him is obvious - he played in the mountain west conference - anybody can do what he did. Okay if that's the case why isn't every RB in the mountain west averaging 6.9 yard a carry. Clearly there's something to this kid.

Also go look at Utah States out of conference schedule. They played Michigan State and he ran all over that defense. And some teams ended up ranked in this conference like Boise and Fresno.

Lastly, Chris Meck mentioned his size to me a while back and I'm sure someones going to bring it up again. Look at the kid, he's built stocky and he was legit carrying people like Lynch in the Michigan State game. And if you're still worrying about his size my argument is Phillip ****ing Lindsey who weighed almost 20 pounds less and was an inch shorter.

So there. This kid could be a damn steal in the 3rd round.
chiefforlife 12:36 PM 03-16-2019
That it? Terrible highlight tape. A couple good/great plays.

Maybe a 6th or 7th, most likely UDFA. Like Lindsey. Sure
Iconic 12:38 PM 03-16-2019
That's not a highlight tape. That's actual game footage in a regular sequence. I chose to show that over a highlight tape because it gives a better idea of what he's capable of doing in sequence without cherry picked plays.

Anyone can look really good in a highlight tape lmao. If you want those just youtube that shit.
Iconic 12:40 PM 03-16-2019

chiefforlife 12:57 PM 03-16-2019
Originally Posted by Iconic:

OK, better. Little guy has some skills and some heart. Definitely reminds me of MJD. Could be a sleeper pick. Loved the broken tackles.
staylor26 01:01 PM 03-16-2019
Impressive. I’d take a long look at him on day 3.
Iconic 01:18 PM 03-16-2019

Willie Lanier 10:36 PM 03-16-2019
Wow, yeah as a late round pick he looks like a steal
Hog's Gone Fishin 01:41 AM 03-17-2019
Some of those plays he looked like a piece of shit.
Chris Meck 04:57 PM 03-20-2019
Originally Posted by Hog's Gone Fishin:
Some of those plays he looked like a piece of shit.
yeah, well, you look like a piece of shit!


I kid. I kid.

I like the kid as a mid to late rounder. Not sure about his pass catching or blocking, so how he fits a Reid RB I don't know. I think the kid's got heart.

5'8" 200lbs. He'd never be a workhorse back, but as a weapon, yeah, he could be interesting.
Iconic 03:31 PM 03-30-2019

Utah State RB Darwin Thompson ran 4.46, hit a 39" vert, 126" broad, & put up 28 reps on the bench at his Pro Day. Weird Combine snub that crushed the test.

— Michael Kist (@MichaelKistNFL) March 30, 2019

God I wish we had a 4th to snag this kid. Fucking Ragland...
sfchief 02:58 PM 04-27-2019
Well I hope ur right Iconic
Jewish Rabbi 01:20 PM 08-11-2019
Buehler445 03:21 PM 08-11-2019
:-) right?