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The Lounge>Keep your political bullshit in DC and out of all other forums
DaFace 12:23 AM 12-01-2018
We're seeing an uptick in people randomly throwing out political bullshit in threads in the Lounge. Don't. Report people who do. They'll get booted from the thread for a first offense and more than that if they continue.

The end.

(Oct 2020 update)

Originally Posted by Bearcat:
It's safe to say thread bans aren't working, at least for the handful of people who simply can't keep politics out of any given conversation.

Due to continued reported posts and general frustrations around inserting politics into absolutely everything, and idea came up to restrict people to DC, much like the Romper Room.

So, everyone gets three thread bans as warnings, and after that will get a vacation in DC (the other forums will be view only). The thread bans and DC vacations will be posted in the transparency thread.

Just like several other rules, there's of course gray area and it doesn't really matter where the line is drawn, because those who can keep politics out of the Lounge will never come close to the line and those who can't will insist on running right up to it.

Generally speaking, we're talking about political opinions or blatantly inserting politics into a thread that isn't even a little bit on topic, or otherwise leaking DC BS into the Lounge or other forums.

scho63 04:43 PM 10-09-2020
And just like that, this thread has turned into every other DC thread. :-)
Taco John 04:47 PM 10-09-2020
Originally Posted by SuperChief:
You don't say?
Oh for sure. The stuff around MK Ultra is startling, but the same themes surface in virtually every account. Take a listen for yourself...

I doubt you will. This stuff is difficult to hear. Taken as one account, I'm sure most people will dismiss it. But when you start to find other accounts and find people like Paris Hilton validating this with their own experiences:

WOW! @ParisHilton Red pill 💊

— Sweet Tea🇺🇸⭐️⭐️⭐️ (@sweettea4517) October 3, 2020

...and then consider things you've seen like Brittney Spears meltdowns and incidents like Harvey Wiensten and Jeffrey Epstein -- eventually these things start to add up to a bigger picture.

That bigger picture is out there for anyone to find and piece together. It's true what they say: seek and you will find.
Taco John 04:48 PM 10-09-2020
"What are you talking about? I don't see anything. You're just crazy."

Easy 6 04:50 PM 10-09-2020
Originally Posted by SuperChief:
You don't say?
I'm glad you're on right now, do you remember how ugly we used to be to each other?
Bearcat 04:53 PM 10-09-2020
Puppet Awkward GIF from Puppet GIFs

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