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Washington DC and The Holy Land>Is 'Baby its Cold Outside" still part of your holiday rotation?
Deberg_1990 07:27 PM 12-03-2018
Well, is it?

DENVER — The only FM station in the Denver market exclusively playing Christmas music during the holiday season will no longer play “Baby, It’s Cold Outside.”

KOSI 101.1’s program director said that the decision was made based on listeners’ feedback.

“We are aware of the controversy regarding ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside’ and based on feedback from our listeners we have decided to pull the song from KOSI 101.1,” said Program Director Jim Lawson in an email to FOX31.

In the song, a man is trying to convince a woman to stay with him instead of returning home, citing poor weather. The female vocalist sings, “I really can’t stay,” to which the male singer responds, “But baby, it’s cold outside.”

Other lyrics sung by the woman include: “Say, what’s in this drink?” and “I simply must go … The answer is ‘no.’”

A Cleveland station recently gained national attention when it stopped playing the song, referencing the “Me Too” movement.

Shortly this story was published, KOSI 101.1 posted a poll on its website asking whether the song should be aired.
lawrenceRaider 05:38 AM 12-04-2018
Only mouth breathing ignoramuses are not listening to the song.
FlaChief58 06:02 AM 12-04-2018
I hadn't been but now that the snowflakes are crying about it, it will be
Spott 06:19 AM 12-04-2018
Never heard of that song. My holiday playlist has a disproportionate amount of Slayer.
St. Patty's Fire 06:19 AM 12-04-2018
Originally Posted by Al Bundy:
No, I always thought it was very kidnappy.
I’d go with rapey, but yeah.

This isn’t some new thing though, I’ve heard people say this song is a bit rapey for years.
KCUnited 06:28 AM 12-04-2018
Her poinsettia falls to the floor
Grim 07:28 AM 12-04-2018
Brilliant marketing campaign by KOSI 101.1.
A week ago nobody knew or gave a fuck who they were.
I'm sure that they gained a whole shitload of listeners who were looking for a reason to be pissed off.
threebag02 07:52 AM 12-04-2018
Society should accept the fact that sometimes it’s festive to Hootie a bitch
Hammock Parties 07:54 AM 12-04-2018
Originally Posted by Frazod:
Fuck I hate that song. :-)
Would it change your mind if you knew Khan Noonien

It is very cold...outsiiiiiiiide.

InChiefsHeaven 08:00 AM 12-04-2018
Originally Posted by displacedinMN:
Yes. But I cannot listen to the same 10 songs over and over again. So no music until Christmas Eve.

As far as the song-they both want it. She is flirting with him too.
That was the idea, and I suppose you have to consider the time it was written, but I've always found the lyrics to be actually kinda creepy.
Fish 08:19 AM 12-04-2018
I'm offended by all Christmas music. Ban Christmas.
old_geezer 08:24 AM 12-04-2018
It wasn't on my list but it is now. Anything to piss off the politically correct crowd. :-)
Trolly McTrollson 08:36 AM 12-04-2018
Sorry, my holiday rotation is all Slayer all day.
InChiefsHeaven 09:28 AM 12-04-2018
Originally Posted by Fish:
I'm offended by all Christmas music. Ban Christmas.

Katipan 09:34 AM 12-04-2018
Like what you like; I walk from my car to work listening to Barbie Dreamz, but you're all way too grown to pretend it's not a rapey song.
Katipan 09:39 AM 12-04-2018
Also they played this at Denver's Parade of Lights. :-)
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