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Hall of Classics>*****Official Chiefsplanet "I have a random thought" Thread*****
Mr. Flopnuts 03:16 PM 04-23-2009
Just in case you have some random thought and feel like starting a thread over it, you can just bump this one.
Katipan 09:23 AM 09-14-2014
I'm wearing all black today. Except for my pretty toes.
Go Chiefs...
Mr. Flopnuts 10:36 PM 09-24-2014
I'm gonna make a pot roast tomorrow. Do you think it'll get me high?
In58men 08:28 PM 10-10-2014
Momma I love you

P.O.P hold it down pimp squad baby
Buzz 08:32 PM 10-10-2014
4 slices of "Hot and Ready Pizza" a six pack of beer, this bloated slob is not getting off the couch till, well the Royals win or I get to dam sleepy.
Gonzo 08:42 PM 10-10-2014
Hey guys. This one has over 6000 replies. I'm moving it to the HOC and starting a new thread. Thanks
Mr. Flopnuts 06:41 AM 02-07-2015
I made the Hall!
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