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Buehler445 08:54 AM 04-26-2012
All this talk about series, how network TV Sucks, and how hard it is to find quality shows, and some excellent shows that fly under the radar, I need a comprehensive review of all the series I need to see.

For good entertainment, I would be willing to buy DVD sets. But I've recently picked up HBOGO by kiping it from my parents, and recently got Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Here is a listing of shows that I currently own or have seen all the episodes of. If it isn't on the list, just assume I haven't seen it.


Here is a listing of shows that I'm currently watching

Here is a listing of shows on my list to watch (mostly due to this thread)

I work a fuckton, so it is hard for me catch a series while it is on to get it on the DVR, but I recognize the entertainment value and am willing to go after the Must See shows. Accordingly, I'm not necessarily looking for anything that is still running. I'm up for watching stuff that has run its course.

So what say you, Planet? Which shows should I see?

UPDATED for the shows I've seen recently.
KCUnited 06:25 AM 04-05-2021
Originally Posted by Baby Lee:
Thanks for that, I recall seeing the trailer a while back and having some hopes for it, but it's getting hard to tell with the volume of content being put out.
That may attribute some to my level of joy as I hadn't previously heard of it and didn't feel like scrolling. So when it was queued after the app opened I just hit play with zero expectations.

The story is interesting enough to carry it alone, but feel the attention to details throughout is what boosted the quality of it.
eDave 12:17 AM 04-08-2021
Any of you guys watching Snowfall? It's badass. Just when I think it's losing burst, BAM, no it is NOT.

Screamed at my TV tonight.
Baby Lee 10:58 AM 04-13-2021
Anyone dipped their toesies in Gangs of London?

A SKY TV production that Cinemax bought into and saw enough in to greenlight a second season.

It's directed by the guy who did RAID and RAID Redemption.

Only seen 1 ep and 1/2 a second, but it's pretty decent. I mean a lot of the broad strokes are what you'd expect and many of the twists are, if not foreseeable, . . . let's say sampled from an existing menu. But the details and the flow is surprising how well it draws you in. Really gets into the width, breadth, depth and comprehensiveness of modern organized crime, and pulls no punches with the visuals.

Coochie liquor 05:49 PM 04-13-2021
Originally Posted by KCUnited:
Started The Serpent on Netflix last night. 2 episodes in and its very well done. Based on real life events of a conman and murderer in Asia during the 70s.

Its HBO series great in capturing the time period with wardrobe, style, etc. and Jenna Coleman is balls emptying hot.
We watched all 8 episodes on Sunday. Holy shit, great show!
showperry 07:14 PM 04-15-2021
Did you give Amazon's Invincible a try? Its a decent addition to the animated lineups.
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