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Washington DC and The Holy Land>The geopolitical fight to minimize Hydroxychloroquine
Taco John 02:36 AM 04-09-2020

The #CDC removed several paragraphs of information about #Hydroxychloroquine from its website, including recommended dosing information.

The @CDCgov didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

— The Epoch Times (@EpochTimes) April 9, 2020

LiveSteam 01:25 PM Yesterday
Originally Posted by BucEyedPea:
Hamas has admited to being a socialist, which is just a euphemism for communism. He says he's the syndicalist kind—which means the woikers own all the businesses.

He has a doctorate but my neighber does too, though he also has at least 20 years of dealing with the govt since he's a VA pharmacist. Even my pharmacist neighbor does NOT trust the CDC or everything we're hearing. He is dealing with covid cases at his VA currently too.

Now that Hamas is no longer a literature professor ( which I think he was before ) he's become a full-blown technocrat where he gets to combine his socialism with science to control others to do what he thinks is best, aka technocracy.
You go girl.:-)
B_Ambuehl 02:58 PM Yesterday
Originally Posted by 'Hamas' Jenkins:
Just learn to read, you stupid mother****er. I'm getting really tired of this. From the ****ing first page of the study:

Patients for whom one of the treatments of interest was initiated more than 48 h after diagnosis or while they were on mechanical ventilation, as well as patients who received remdesivir, were excluded.

They didn't start the treatments while they were vented. They got worse after they were started on HCQ. They purposefully excluded the most critically ill patients in their analysis. If you understood what a pulse ox or a qSOFA score, you'd already know that, but you don't.

Seriously, just shut the **** up you ****ing imbecile.
Which is exactly the point! The treatment group was obviously much worse off to begin with! You're supporting a study that showed a 200% greater ventilator use in the group that took hydroxychloroquine and says the treatment group & untreated group were well matched and there were no differences. Thus, you conclusion, by default, is that hydroxychloroquine itself led to a 200% greater ventilator usage in the treatment group.

The researchers probably could have measured stuff like D-dimer & IL6 to try & equalize disease severity but they didn't do that. If you're a Dr. and you have a choice of giving a medication that "might" work who are you gonna give it to, the people that you think have a higher chance of dieing or the people you think will stay healthy? And which ones are likely to get worse, the ones who you were most concerned about or the ones you thought would stay healthy?

That's the basic gist here. Ok, maybe it does nothing, especially at that stage of the illness, & there is real evidence indicating people with heart problems need to be careful, but does it really make you 200% mores likely to be put on a ventilator. Does that even sound logical?

I posted a study out of CHINA where only people already in critical condition & already on ventilators took the drug. If the lancet study were legit you would expect to see a trend towards greater mortality in the treatment group. But that's not what happened. The treatment group did better. In fact they were 252% LESS likely to die!

A good researcher looks at the entire body of evidence over time before making decisions.

You've jumped in with both feet defending this obviously questionable Lancet study yet you'll probably say you have no confirmation bias and aren't letting politics cloud any of your analysis on the matter. Bullshit.
BanHam 04:23 PM Yesterday
Indian Scientists Discover Hydroxychloroquine Treatment Prevents COVID-19

Indian scientists have discovered that hydroxychloroquine, the anti-malarial drug that is regularly used to treat COVID-19, also prevents individuals from being able to contract the illness.

The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has discovered that ingesting hydroxychloroquine can help healthy individuals fend off the coronavirus. The fake news media has been desperate to demonize the drug while globalists like Bill Gates plot to push widespread vaccinations as the only way to end the pandemic that has shaken the world.

The ICMR issued an advisory last week to drastically expand the use of hydroxychloroquine in an attempt to save lives throughout India. They conducted three separate studies to come to their conclusion that taking hydroxychloroquine can prevent coronavirus. The ICMR is now encouraging essential workers such as cops, paramilitary, surveillance staff, and medical personnel to take hydroxychloroquine as “preventive therapy.”

The study found that “amongst healthcare workers involved in Covid-19 care, those on hydroxychloroquine prophylaxis were less likely to develop SARS-CoV-2 infection, compared to those who were not on it.” The National Institute of Virology in Pune also determined through lab testing that the usage of hydroxychloroquine reduces the viral load of coronavirus.

Through analyzing data that had previously been collected, the ICMR discovered a “significant” correlation between “the number of doses [of hydroxychloroquine] taken and frequency of occurrence of Covid-19 infection in symptomatic healthcare workers who were tested for SARS-CoV-2 infection.”
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