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eDave 08:45 PM 02-05-2019
Rabble's thread has become extremely slow to load and post so I'm starting a new one while the other will be locked.

As rabble is no longer with us (cough), I have been authorized to post in his stead.

Perhaps we can add a full description of the video then post a direct link in an effort to forego the issues in the original thread.

Let's hear what your hearing.

Link to the original -
kcxiv 03:44 PM 06-01-2020

Pablo 10:47 AM 06-02-2020
Some early 2000's post rock/screamo shit while I smoke a pork butt. Nice Tuesday so far.

rabblerouser 11:01 AM 06-02-2020
Reliving this's a gem :

John Prine Live at Root N Blues N BBQ Festival 2014-09-27
Stephens Lake Park ~ Columbia MO

Source: CA-14 cards (a-b)>Tascam DR-2D (mic in)24/96
Conversion: Tascam DR-2d(24/96)>EQ in Cubase/exported(24/96)>Tracked in Audacity(16/44)>TLH(8)
ROB, 7.5� inside SBD cage
Recorded by Jeremy Hunsaker (telepicker97/drivingwheel)
Transfer and Edit by Otterman

~ Set ~

Spanish Pipedream
Picture Show
6 O'Clock News
Grandpa Was A Carpenter
Hello In There
Iron Ore Betty
Taking A Walk
Fish and Whistle
Angel From Montgomery
Please Don't Bury Me
Bear Creek Blues

Run Time 1hr 4mins
listopencil 01:27 AM 06-05-2020

listopencil 12:42 AM 06-06-2020

listopencil 01:27 AM 06-06-2020

GloucesterChief 10:44 PM 06-06-2020

BigRedChief 08:03 AM 06-07-2020

listopencil 01:48 PM 06-09-2020

Baby Lee 12:11 AM 06-16-2020
Astute listeners will know from this where I am [woefully backlogged] in my 'must watch series' progression.

KCUnited 04:02 PM 06-25-2020
I've posted before but I love capturing the current times with album imagery. Whether I agree with it or not, it's a timestamp on history in the form of music.

That said, new KC punk Loss Prevention 7" arrived in the mail today.

listopencil 04:34 PM 07-03-2020

listopencil 02:50 AM Yesterday

listopencil 01:47 AM Today

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