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Fantasy/CasinoPlanet>***Official Who to Start Thread***
Ceej 10:53 AM 08-29-2008
Week 1 is looming folks. I'm giddy - like a schoolgirl. Anyway, I figured I would create a thread where people from the planet can post their rosters, and or tentative weekly starting rosters if they needed help.

I'm stuck @ #2 RB and #3 WR. Here is who I have starting in week one.

QB - Garrard @ Tenn
RB - Barber @ Cleveland
Portis @ NYG, TJones @ Miami, Selvin Young @ Oakland
WR - Colston v. TB
WR - Cotchery @ Miami
Bryant Johnson v. Zona, Hackett @ SD, Porter @ Tenn, Galloway @ NO
TE - Lee v. Minny
K - Jeff Reed v. Houston
JAX D @ Tenn.

Any help/guidance for my second RB and third WR would be appreciated.

Our information has yet to be posted on Yahoo! But, when it is I will be able to let you guys know some of the better FA WRs.
Old Dog 11:59 AM 08-29-2008
Portis in a close call over Jones ar RB2
Galloway at WR3
those are the ones I would go with
BigVE 04:05 PM 08-29-2008
My first instincts were to say T. Jones and Bryant Johnson. I'm thinking with Favre at qb and T-Rich at fullback and all the money NYJ spent on O-lineman that T Jones is going to have a good year. Bryant Johnson looks like he could be "the guy" in Martzs pass happy offense...if SOMEONE can get him the ball the kid is talented. After reading the other response I can't argue with that either but this is what my thinking is/was.
Shaid 08:58 AM 09-01-2008
Here's my team.
QB - Tom Brady/Carson Palmer
RB - Westbrook, LJ, Brandon Jacobs, Matt Forte
WR - Larry Fitzgerald, Marques Colston, Chad Johnson, Calvin Johnson, Bowe, Ted Ginn Jr
TE - Dallas Clark, Kevin Boss
Def/ST - Giants
K - Mason Crosby

I need 2 RB, 2WR, and a Flex.

RB - LJ/Westbrook
WR - Larry Fitzgerald/Marques Colston
Flex - ???

I'm thinking Brandon Jacobs but does Bowe have a good game against the possibly suspect Patriots corners?
Mr. Arrowhead 11:18 AM 09-01-2008
Which 2 RBs do i start?
Ryan Grant vs vikings
Kevin Smith vs Falcons
Michael Turner vs Lions
Buck 11:28 AM 09-01-2008
CJ, I would go with Portis and Galloway

Mr. Arrowhead, Grant, and Turner

Heres my question.

Do I start - Kurt Warner @ San Fran, Jon Kitna @ Atlanta, or Matt Hasslebeck @ Buffalo
Mr. Arrowhead 11:30 AM 09-01-2008
i would go with Hasslebeck
Reaper16 11:50 AM 09-01-2008
Edge James or Kevin Smith?
Shaid 08:49 PM 09-01-2008
Originally Posted by Mr. Arrowhead:
Which 2 RBs do i start?
Ryan Grant vs vikings
Kevin Smith vs Falcons
Michael Turner vs Lions
I say Turner and Smith.

Grant hasn't done a lot this pre-season and that Vikings Run D is pretty darn good.
Nzoner 09:21 PM 09-01-2008
I'm actually starting JT O'Sullivan vs Zona over Schaub this week in my biggest money league and looking for a few dump-offs to Gore to turn into something.I also get the pleasure of playing the Brady owner right out of the gate so hopefully the rest of my squad can keep it somewhat respectable.

Barber @Browns
Graham @ Saints

Wayne vs Bears
Cotchery @ Dolphins
Burelson @ Bills

Witten @ Browns

Bironas Vs Jags

Titans D vs Jags

Coach Belicheck vs KC
Ceej 10:36 PM 09-01-2008
Based on matchups alone here is one league, and the other right after it.

David Garrard @ Tennessee
Clinton Portis @ NYG, TJones @ Miami, Selvin Young @ Oakland?
Marques Colston v TB
Jerricho Cotchery @ Mia
Derrick Mason v Cincy, Galloway @ NO, BJohnson v Zona, DJ Hackett @ SD
TE - Donald Lee
K - Jeff Reed

In league one it's .5pts per reception. Standard scoring. I'm leaning towards Portis and Mason (for PPR value AND he's built a nice chemistry with Flacco). Thoughts?

League 2:

QB - Roethlisberger v. Houston
RB - Selvin Young @ Oakland
RB - McGahee v Cincy
WR - Fitzgerald @ SF
WR - Santonio Holmes v. Houston
Cooley @ NYG, or Ben Watson v. KC?
K - Bironas v JAX
D - Pitt v Houston.

jjchieffan 12:47 PM 09-02-2008
My #1 rb is LT. My other backs are M. Turner, Gore, and McGahee. Who should I start this week at #2? I have Gore right now, but I keep hearing how Martz doesn't like using running backs. I know Vermeil made fantsy studs out of Faulk and Priest running virtually the same offense, but I'm not too sure if that carries over to Martz. Thoughts?
Ceej 01:25 PM 09-02-2008
Admittedly, I've not heard much about how he's done post-surgery. But, I'd probably start McGahee vs. Bengals.
Hoover 01:42 PM 09-02-2008
OK here is my problem

RB, Stephen Jackson vs Philly, Clinton Portis vs NYG, Lawrence Maroney vs Chiefs pick 2.

WR, Braylon Edwards vs Dallas, Welker vs Chiefs, Greg Jennings vs Minn.

I should have never drafted Welker because I'll always be nervous about starting him because he's a slot guy.
Ceej 01:52 PM 09-02-2008
I'd prolly go SJax/Portis. Who knows how many carries Mauroney is going to get?

Braylon Edwards/Welker, also.
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