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The Lounge>QB situation #25 - Mahomes is boom or bust
CrowbarMan 01:58 PM 05-03-2018
USA Today ranks the Chiefs' QB situation as #25, partially due to the backup situation but also Mahomes being "boom or bust".

Originally Posted by :
Were high on Patrick Mahomes after seeing him play in Week 17 last season, but hes going to be a boom-or-bust guy for the next few years and the Chiefs do not have a solid backup if he gets hurt. No, Chad Henne does not count as a solid backup.
I expect he'll have a few early wins then hit a wall in his first season while he learns how to adjust to NFL-speed defenses. 7-9.
Lzen 08:35 AM 08-03-2020
Originally Posted by Tombstone RJ:

I love the consistent double standard chef fans have for that game. Patty didn't beat the Bronco's starters, he barely won against the Broncos 2nd and 3rd stringers.
This narrative needs to be addressed because it is just not factual. I seem to recall a few starters in there. Also worth mentioning is the fact that Mahomes had a bunch of backups around him, as well.

The game log credits Talib, Chris Harris, and Roby all with at least 1 tackle. Brandon Marshall had 4. They may not have played the entire game but they did play some.
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