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Media Center>All Things Video Games & Game Reviews Part II
Gonzo 10:39 AM 08-31-2015
Hey all, you know the deal...
The other thread hit over 1,000 posts and we have server issues when that shit happens so here she be, a fancy new mega thread.

Anyway, just a quick rundown.

Post anything and everything gaming in here. Console games, handheld/mobile games or PC.

Playing something you love or maybe hate? Find a hidden gem on Steam? Let us know via a review. Try to make sure you give a good rundown on it. Graphics, sound, storyline, overall gameplay and replayability. Let's keep it at a 1-10 scale.

Thanks to all that left me awesome rep comments/posts and even pm's thanking me for the many reviews I wrote.
Just an FYI, developers do read our comments in here I guess. CD Projekt Red (of Witcher 3) was one that stopped by.

Anyway, thanks all for your input and as always, no griefing.
1claire 06:28 PM 02-13-2019
I just started playing the remake of RE2, this is my favorite among the RE games.
Mecca 08:39 PM 02-13-2019
I'd like to pick up RE2 just not for 60 bucks.
ShiftyEyedWaterboy 08:50 PM 02-13-2019
Just played through Metro 2033 and Last Light for the first time in preparation for Metro Exodus. Definitely got a Half-Life 2 vibe. Sounds like Exodus is getting pretty good reviews so far.
Sofa King 07:57 PM 02-15-2019
I played the first Metro and really enjoyed it. Tired of first person shooters now though.
ShiftyEyedWaterboy 11:54 PM 02-15-2019
Originally Posted by Sofa King:
I played the first Metro and really enjoyed it. Tired of first person shooters now though.
I am a bit too but the Metro series is different enough that it pulls me in. Movement/shooting is still clunky but I'm having a blast. I love the survival aspects. Having to keep track of air filters, limited ammo, what weapon mods to use in different situations, time of day, etc...

Plus, its cool to get the post-nuclear war theme from a Russian perspective. Way less goofy than stuff like Fallout.
Demonpenz 02:21 AM Today

hometeam 10:10 AM Today
Originally Posted by Demonpenz:

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