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Buehler445 08:54 AM 04-26-2012
All this talk about series, how network TV Sucks, and how hard it is to find quality shows, and some excellent shows that fly under the radar, I need a comprehensive review of all the series I need to see.

For good entertainment, I would be willing to buy DVD sets. But I've recently picked up HBOGO by kiping it from my parents, and recently got Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Here is a listing of shows that I currently own or have seen all the episodes of. If it isn't on the list, just assume I haven't seen it.


Here is a listing of shows that I'm currently watching

Here is a listing of shows on my list to watch (mostly due to this thread)

I work a fuckton, so it is hard for me catch a series while it is on to get it on the DVR, but I recognize the entertainment value and am willing to go after the Must See shows. Accordingly, I'm not necessarily looking for anything that is still running. I'm up for watching stuff that has run its course.

So what say you, Planet? Which shows should I see?

UPDATED for the shows I've seen recently.
Buehler445 05:30 PM Yesterday
Originally Posted by DJ's left nut:
The 2nd half was good.

Holy shit that was a long-time coming though. Bold move relying on hate-watching to get me through the 3rd and 4th episodes before finally starting to make things tolerable...
So should I watch it or not?
Discuss Thrower 06:33 PM Yesterday
Buehler, you of all people are doing yourself a disservice if you're not watching Letterkenny.
Baby Lee 06:57 PM Yesterday
Originally Posted by Baby Lee:
Has anyone made it through Patriot? I've started it 3-4 times now and it still hasn't grabbed me. I've only made 2 1/2 episodes, and am wondering when/if the genius hits. I've heard people rave about it and am willing to be patient if there's a point when it starts coming together. I've had stuff I loved that started slow before. But I'd hate to spend 2 whole seasons with the same level of engagement I have thus far.
Getting close to finishing off the first season and I need to revise.

It's still a tough show to get into the rhythms of, but that's because it's got its own peculiar structure that reveals itself bit by bit.

It's very dry, but in places witheringly funny. But weirdly it's often funny in ways that aren't objectively funny. Instead wistful, sad, bewildering, even pathetic, it just builds and builds on itself until you find yourself shaking your head and muttering 'how much more? . . . '

You've got to pay attention, and you have to suspend disbelief often, but it's payoffs aren't to be found in other stories.

Basically, it's the story of a guy who is the son of a 'deep state' mucky-muck who does all the legwork for his dad's international missions. It involves him going undercover and doing dirty deeds, kind of a depressed blue-collar version of James Bond.

His dad has a plan to fund an opposition candidate in Iran to stop nuclear proliferation. The son has to secure a job at a hydro-engineering firm in Milwaukee in order to transfer funds on a business trip. Things go wrong, people die and the money ends up on its way to an Iranian nuclear scientist instead.

First season is all about recovering the money and avoiding the investigation into the deaths while maintaining cover as an engineer, and it's all cat and mouse, and bigger cat and bigger mouse, mice chasing mice and cats chasing cats, very carefully orchestrated to make the son's job more and more difficult and more and more stressful.

Has interesting things to say about stoicism, depression and doggedness.

Gotta give a thumbs up.
Baby Lee 09:48 PM Yesterday
Originally Posted by Buehler445:
So should I watch it or not?
Apparently, it depends on how much you enjoy people with trainwreck lives figure shit out.

As I said earlier, it's well crafted and breezes by pretty quickly, but it's not earth-shattering. A decent little binge.
Buehler445 02:31 AM Today
I may have to give the patriot another look.

I watched the first episode and didn’t finish it. I think I was expecting shut your mind off comedy and the first episode I didn’t find particularly funny and it sounds like it’s definitely not shut your mind off material.
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