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Dunit35 01:17 PM 12-19-2018
I know there are already several threads but Im adding to it.

Our DTV bill is about to go up $60 a month to $133. Were looking at cutting cable. Wed like to add Hulu live TV, netflix, and MLB.TV. I know I can stream all three through my Xbox. It looks like I wont have AMC, NFL Network or NBC. NFL Network I can stream the Thursday night games through my xbox.

How is the quality? We have to upgrade our internet to unlimited for an extra $20/month. Provider said wed also get faster speeds.
Does anyone have MLB.Tv and use it through your Xbox?
What about DVR services?

It looks like I can get all three for around $64 a month.
htismaqe 10:29 AM 02-13-2019
Originally Posted by Lzen:
Now I just have to figure out what Roku devices I need. It seems that the 2.4Ghz band is so cluttered in my area that I want to try to avoid that. But I only want to spend as little as possible (duh). I have a main living room smart TV but it does not have Youtube tv. I have one in my bedroom that is not a smart tv but has a firestick. Again, no youtube tv on that stick. And then one for my daughter's tv. Any suggestions?

Here is what I'm looking at currently:
1 of these

and 2 of these
Have you tested 5Ghz to make sure you have adequate signal everywhere you need it? 2.4Ghz is crowded by has a much farther effective range.

If 5Ghz works in all of the locations you need, you want to use it for sure.
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