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Fish 08:23 AM 09-18-2018

Setsuna 12:13 PM 02-12-2019
Captain Marvel is just mad Thanos didn't wipe out the entire male population in the universe and she's gonna beat him up for it. That's all I see.
Mr. Plow 01:18 PM 02-12-2019
Originally Posted by Tribal Warfare:
She's that powerful in the comics, and Brie herself has said she'll be able to move planets.

Disney/Marvel aren't powering her down like they did with Hulk(WorldBreaker) and Thor(Odin Force). Feige has said that Danvers will be the most powerful Avenger by far.
Thanks for the info! Really appreciate it.
FAX 01:55 PM 02-12-2019
Originally Posted by FAX:
Oh ... and based on the trailer, it looks like some alien race is implanting something in Danvers' skull. Implant, check.

Then she talks about these "memories" that aren't really like memories. Schizophrenia, check.

I don't know how they get the "struck by lightning" part, though. Maybe she is blasted by some kind of ray in the film.

It appears my awesome theory is playing out perfectly.

I have a love/hate relationship with "I told you so."

ThaVirus 03:51 PM 02-12-2019
Power creep in the MCU is getting out of control
Amnorix 08:57 AM 02-13-2019
As the Captain Marvel movie is set in the 1990s, they have designed a 1990s style website, which is hilariously awful/awesome. Those colors!!
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