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keg in kc 07:48 PM 07-18-2018
This looks...really cool.

I know, I know. "I wish there was more history on the History Channel".
Easy 6 08:29 PM 07-18-2018
I'll likely be watching... and reserving judgement :-)
displacedinMN 08:55 PM 07-18-2018
I wonder how much it will look like

Project UFO-1978

I will try to watch
OmahaChief 12:27 PM 07-19-2018
I will watch for sure. I wrote a 50 page paper on Project Bluebook in college. Going to have to see if I can dig it out and read it again. It was really interesting reading up on the subject.
keg in kc 11:59 AM 01-05-2019
Just a heads-up for anybody interested...

Premiere is Tuesday night.

sully1983 05:01 PM 01-05-2019
thanks for the heads up! It looks intriguing . Will definitely check it out
Showtime 09:55 PM 01-08-2019
This was pretty good
mr. tegu 10:42 PM 01-08-2019
I enjoyed it. At first I was annoyed at the wife stuff but after seeing where itís going Iím fine with it.
Pennywise 11:28 AM 01-10-2019
Pretty good show right up up to the part where the AF captain and the other guy crash a plane and walk away with 2 minor scratches. Wtf?
Baby Lee 01:00 PM 01-10-2019
For those cable challenged, or who otherwised missed. History was kind enough

Pennywise 01:18 PM 01-10-2019
Originally Posted by Baby Lee:
For those cable challenged, or who otherwised missed. History was kind enough
Plane crash starts around 27:00 and you can see how kind History was to them at 29:00. WW2 pilots must have been some top gun mfkers back in the day.
007 06:16 AM 01-11-2019
is this series available on any of the streaming services or only on History.
keg in kc 04:53 PM 02-10-2019
Picked up for season 2.

It's not very historically accurate. No surprise for a scripted drama on History. But it's quite well done, otherwise.