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RealSNR 10:07 PM 02-26-2021
Guys, I'm like... really not that into running it this year.

Somebody else is gonna have to take over or it ain't happening this year.
staylor26 10:17 PM 02-26-2021
Of course there’s no CP mock when it’s my turn to pick for the Chiefs

The Franchise 12:01 AM 02-27-2021
I’ve run it for a while and SNR has too. It’s not hard. It’s just time consuming.

If someone wants to put the time into....feel free.
RealSNR 10:04 AM 02-27-2021
Originally Posted by staylor26:
Of course thereís no CP mock when itís my turn to pick for the Chiefs

Sounds like somebody just volunteered!

Seriously, it's not that bad. You just have to check things 2-3 times a day, and if you're going to be really busy on any of those given days, just ask if somebody can babysit for you. Other than that, it's just a couple minutes of copy/pasting. Oh, and make sure the dumbasses like billay and Direckshun don't repeat their picks. That's the other thing you have to do.