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Saccopoo Memorial Draft Forum>Iím in the weeds with what/who we want at CB.
Direckshun 12:50 PM 02-25-2021
Can somebody break down what Spags is looking for in CBs other than long and fast and good tacklers?

Does he want zone guys? Man guys? Hybrids?

Does his preferences at slot differ significantly from CBs in the outside?

What CBs, particularly in the midrounds, might we be looking at?
kccrow 05:11 PM 02-25-2021
Just look for guys that are 6'0"+ and like to grab the receiver. :-)

I'd say man corners that can press. Ball skills and tackling seem to be priorities with the next emphasis on size.
kccrow 05:22 PM 02-25-2021
As for who, I'd say these are a few...

Paulson Abedo, Stanford
Roderius Williams, Oklahoma State
Marco Wilson, Florida
Shakur Brown, Michigan State
Aaron Robinson, UCF
Camryn Bynum, Cal