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Saccopoo Memorial Draft Forum>Dylan Moses (LB, Alabama) needs more attention.
Direckshun 07:37 AM 02-24-2021
This guy is a phenomenal athlete, one of the best at his position in this draft. And yet isn't getting more than 2nd round buzz. What's keeping him from 1st round consideration?

The size: 6'3", 235 lbs

Production: 184 tackles, 6.5 sacks, 2 FF, 2 INTs in three years

Play style: Flies around the field, true sideline to sideline talent. Can blitz, can erase any player in the flat, great tackler.

Positional flexibility: Experience at all three positions in a 4-3 defense

Tape: gotchu fam

What're the holes? Why is he not first round consideration?
In58men 11:27 AM 02-24-2021
Wtf is this shit?

Dude is trash
Dante84 01:55 PM 02-24-2021
Was that the right tape? I know its not a highlight reel, but that was pretty rough. The comments on the youtube page shred him as well.

- Watches the play happen instead of getting involved or sprinting towards the action
- Egregiously held a few guys in coverage
- Got pancaked at the goal line
- Missed a couple tackles
- Manhandled by a few blockers
- Not very aggressive in pursuit or in tackling
- On one QB pressure, he slowed up and let the QB throw the ball
kccrow 02:34 PM 02-24-2021
I'm not a buyer.
mac459 03:25 PM 02-24-2021
To me it looks like he stands flat footed and is behind the play, like a second slower than everyone else on the field
louie aguiar 04:07 PM 02-24-2021
The next Nico Johnson?
Chief Northman 04:46 PM 02-24-2021
He’s awful.
Product of talent around him.