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staylor26 10:23 PM 02-22-2021
This guy is a nice sleeper at LB. I’m assuming House was involved with his recruitment. Definitely somebody to keep any eye on.
Direckshun 08:53 AM 02-23-2021

Connections are everything in the NFL.

Get into his tape, folks. Because he's more likely to be a Chief than absolutely any other team.

Edit: For anybody that doesn't know this guy, he is a dude that runs like the wind, a fantastic athlete, but he doesn't have a lot of tape and he needs some eye training. I'm literally reading on that he's "buyer beware."

And I can't think of anybody else in the NFL more willing to be that buyer than Matt House.
Dante84 09:49 AM 02-23-2021
It was hard to track because his number switched a few times I think...? 22 & 44?

Direckshun 09:55 AM 02-23-2021
Hes a phenomenal athlete but he's going to have to go through the Tershawn Wharton treatment.

He needs to get his weight up at least 20 pounds if he wants live snaps. Then he needs to just power through the season on his athleticism and not making Dorian O'Daniel-level mental mistakes.

Spend your first full offseason knee deep in the strength and conditioning program. By Year 3 he could be a full time dime 'backer.
Dante84 09:55 AM 02-23-2021
It looks like he's dedicated to making the tackle which is very much appreciated... the number one thing I look for when I watch LB's is: do they pussy-foot around with their tackle or do they smash and wrap?

I like that he's aware in coverage and made some nice plays when the ball was in the air or on the floor.

I don't know that I'd say he "runs like the wind" but he does seem explosive when closing, and capable in coverage, so that checks a box.

Would be interesting to see how he'd develop; definitely intriguing for sure!

The Franchise 01:34 PM 02-23-2021
Daniel Jeremiah has him at #35 in this top 50.
staylor26 02:09 PM 02-23-2021
Originally Posted by The Franchise:
Daniel Jeremiah has him at #35 in this top 50.
Holy shit.