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Direckshun 03:02 PM 02-17-2021

Clemson LT Jackson Carman Could Sneak into First Round
Updated Feb. 16, 2021
By Charlie Campbell. Follow Charlie on Twitter @draftcampbell.

Last week in the Hot Press, we detailed the wide variety in grades on the offensive tackle prospects around the NFL. One additional tackle who could have been included in that column was Clemson left tackle Jackson Carman. In speaking with sources at five teams, three of them thought Carman could be selected late in the first round of the 2021 NFL Draft and should go early in the second round if he makes it to Friday night of the draft.

"Carman is going to shoot up boards this spring due to his size, athletic ability, and versatility," said one director of college scouting. "I would not be surprised if he went late [on] Day 1."

Two other team sources disagreed about Carman going in the first round, noting they had him as a day-two pick, with one having him Round 2 and the other in Round 3. Character issues could influence that grade discrepancy as well.

"[Carman] is definitely a first-round talent, but the character isn't good" said another director of college scouting.

The team sources who like Carman see him as an easy mover for a 6-foot-5, 340-pound offensive lineman. They feel he has left tackle ability but there are some technical issues he needs to fix. Thanks to his excellent combination of size and athleticism, Carman has a real shot to go late in the first round to a playoff team that is looking for a true first-round talent.
Direckshun 03:07 PM 02-17-2021
A short review from

Originally Posted by :
Clemson offensive lineman Jackson Carman enters the NFL after serving as Trevor Lawrence’s blindside protector for the last two-plus seasons in college—a role he filled quite well. Carman is a massive and powerful blocker that thrives in the run game and holds his own in pass protection. His power is notable, but he moves well for his size and features strong hand technique that he blends with a strong feel for his role in the scheme that makes him an effective blocker. Where Carman shows signs of struggles is when he is tasked with speed off the edge. In those moments, Carman is often beat to his landmarks and he struggles to recover. Should that be problematic at the next level, a move to guard will be required and Carman’s skill set suggests it’s a transition he could handle—and perhaps he can perform even better on the inside. Carman has the makings of a quality starter at the next level, but his team will need to figure out the right spot for him to grow and develop at.

Ideal Role: Starting offensive guard in a gap/power scheme.

Scheme Fit: Gap/Power

Direckshun 03:15 PM 02-17-2021
According to a Clemson fanboard, they're largely mystified to what the Carman character concerns would be.

According to a clearly-rosey Clemson website profile, Carman had issues making it to practice on time and sleeping through alarms and such. Was described earlier in his college career as "the least accountable guy," but is now heralded by his teammates as a leader.
The Franchise 03:16 PM 02-17-2021
All of these OTs can’t go in the first round.
Direckshun 03:18 PM 02-17-2021
Originally Posted by The Franchise:
All of these OTs canít go in the first round.
I think we're somewhat overvaluing a number of them due to our desperation at the position: a surprising number of them are facing a ton of debate over whether they're truly 1st round talents.
Chief Northman 03:23 PM 02-17-2021
Carman was not good in the college playoff. He’s a waist-bending lunger. No thanks. I want no part of him, Jenkins or Mayfield - they are more mauler than athlete and I think will have tough pro transitions.
staylor26 03:59 PM 02-17-2021
He doesn’t fit the profile for a Reid OT.
kccrow 07:40 PM 02-17-2021
He doesn't fit the profile for a LT either. He's a RT in the NFL if he's a tackle and even that's a big maybe. He might go in the 1st but he's not getting taken to be the savior at the premium spot on the O-line.
Stryker 07:56 PM 02-17-2021
Originally Posted by kccrow:
He doesn't fit the profile for a LT either. He's a RT in the NFL if he's a tackle and even that's a big maybe. He might go in the 1st but he's not getting taken to be the savior at the premium spot on the O-line.
Love the review so have to agree! You KCCROW are on point :-)