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The Lounge>***The Official MMA Thread***
KcMizzou 08:18 PM 07-08-2010
Excited about an upcoming fight? Want to make predictions, or just give people a heads-up that there are some fights on? We can do it here.

(Also a good place to complain, dicuss, and agrue about the outcomes)
Titty Meat 09:11 PM 04-12-2019
I love PPV but I'm not paying 80 for it
alnorth 11:13 AM 04-13-2019
Gastelum's a tough matchup. If Stylebender takes him out, then he's gonna take off like a rocket in the UFC.
alnorth 11:20 AM 04-13-2019
Reminder that there is a deal out there if this is what gets you to buy ESPN+. 1 year plus a PPV for $80, which saves you about $40 assuming you were getting the year anyway. Otherwise, you could get a month, get the PPV, and cancel ESPN+ next month for about $65
alnorth 09:27 PM 04-13-2019
so, when I heard Rountree went to Thailand to train, I thought oh thats cute, maybe hell learn something.

Uhhh, no. He's a completely different dude now, he must have lived in Thailand because he is a full-on Muay Thai fighter now.


Haven’t had my ass whooped like that since 4/21/1987.

— Eryk Anders (@erykanders) April 14, 2019

alnorth 10:12 PM 04-13-2019
Stylebender 29-28 going into the championship rounds

edit: 38-38 through 4

edit2: I have it 48-46 stylebender, 10-8 R5, fight of the year candidate

thank christ, the judges tonight are competent. 48-46x3 UD for stylebender.
alnorth 11:19 PM 04-13-2019
I have it 48-47 Poirier, but the decision could go either way a couple points and I'd be fine with it. Well, maybe not 49 points for Holloway.

edit: 49-46x3 Poirier, yeah thats fine.
alnorth 12:45 AM 04-14-2019
I'm still kinda amazed that Rountree completely reinvented himself. Just straight up moved to Thailand, apparently lived there for a while, and came back looking like he was lost and accidentally wandered into a UFC cage bouncing in a Muay Thai stance.
alnorth 05:50 PM 04-17-2019
This is not a great weekend for MMA. We have a UFC card, but well....


11pm - (Fightpass) - AFC 147

Fights tonight in Alaska. The card is almost always low-quality.


9:15am - (ESPN+) - UFC Fight (Night?), Overeem vs. Oleinik

The main event is kinda interesting. We also have a ranked strawweight fight. Aside from that, nothing but unranked prospects and unranked Russians. This card is awful, but its not for us, the UFC is pitching this to Russian fans. There may be fun fights on it anyway, who knows.

8pm - (Fightpass)

IA_Chiefs_fan 09:49 PM 04-17-2019
I just booked airfare and hotel for UFC 239 in Vegas for my son, brother, dad, and me. My dad is 77 and had never even been on an airplane before. This will be a great time for three generations of us! Stoked!!

Now I just gotta buy tickets as soon as they go on sale.
alnorth 11:42 AM 04-26-2019
This weekend Bellator and the UFC goes head to head with cards that are both not bad.


7pm - (Fightpass) - Titan FC 54

One of the top B-league promotions in the US, this card isn't as good as usual for them.


3pm - (Fightpass) - Cage Warriors 104

Top promotion in Europe, this isn't a bad card for a local promotion.

4:30 pm - (4:30pm ESPN2/6pm ESPN/8pm ESPN+)

The prelims are on TV, but the main card is on ESPN+ Sounds weird? Several cards will be like that this year as ESPN's schedule was already packed when they signed their TV deal. They did try to pack the card though, 4 of the prelims look pretty good, and the main card does as well. Not great or terrible, just pretty good on paper from beginning to end.

9pm - (DAZN) - Bellator 220, MacDonald vs. Fitch

This is a good Bellator card with 2 championship fights and a match in their Welterweight Grand Prix, but I'm not watching it because its on DAZN, and I'm already paying too much for MMA.
alnorth 06:55 PM 04-30-2019
Looks like Stipe has successfully waited out the UFC for a title rematch.

Story coming to shortly from @bokamotoESPN and I: Brock Lesnar’s return is not likely anymore. UFC is moving on. Barring a last-minute Hail Mary, the dream is no more.

— Ariel Helwani (@arielhelwani) May 1, 2019

Dana White: “Brock Lesnar told me he’s done. He’s retiring.”

UFC pivoting interest in Cormier’s next fight to Stipe Miocic rematch. Story coming via myself and @arielhelwani shortly.

— Brett Okamoto (@bokamotoESPN) May 1, 2019

alnorth 09:16 AM 05-01-2019

BREAKING: DC vs. Miocic 2 on tap for UFC pay-per-view on Aug. 17 in Anaheim, California. Both fighters confirm they are in the process of finalizing the bout to @ESPN.

— Brett Okamoto (@bokamotoESPN) May 1, 2019

alnorth 11:45 AM 05-02-2019

On the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer says Brock Lesnar wanted a flat fee for his next UFC fight due to UFC pay-per-view now being online only. Dave says the number was deemed too high & turned down by the UFC.

— Seán Sheehan (@SeanSheehanBA) May 2, 2019

alnorth 05:08 PM 05-02-2019
We've got about 2 or 3 good fights on the UFC main card this weekend. Bellator has a card this weekend too, but its both very bad and tape-delayed, so fuck them.


7pm - (Fightpass) - Invicta: Phoenix Rising 1

So, Invicta is doing something Friday night in Kansas City that I normally do not like, but it probably works in this case since its a small weight division, strawweight in this case. They are having an 8-woman single elimination one-day tournament. These are normally not fair because someone with 2 quick KO's might be facing someone who fought 30 grueling minutes, but in this case no one is getting knocked out, so maybe its fine. I'm not sure if the winner is getting the title, I assume so.

10pm - (Fightpass) - Friday Night Fights

This promotion is very small and usually has guys who are unheard of or very low ranked.


3pm - (ESPN+) - UFC Fight Night, Iaquinta vs Cowboy

Well, all right then. Thats a cool main event. The main card (beginning 7pm) has 3 or 4 decent fights, but the prelims are a bit light. The main event should start sometime after 9:30pm if thats all you care about.


7:15 am - (Fightpass) - World Lethwei Championship 8

So, I looked up Lethwei, and it is a Burmese form of kickboxing. Specifically, it is bare knuckle Muay Thai kickboxing with one very big exception: headbutts are not only legal, they are encouraged. Well, ok that sounds kind of nuts. Anyway, thats on Sunday morning.

edit: the invicta bracket

WhawhaWhat 09:21 PM 05-02-2019
Originally Posted by alnorth:

So they offered Brock PPV points and he's smart enough to see through that and just asked for $10 mil or whatever up front. I wonder if he has a UFC contract or if he could just go to Bellator or One FC. I'm sure DAZN wouldn't mind having Brock on one of the Bellator show.
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