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jerryaldini 10:26 PM 01-13-2020
I posted this in the Titans forum thread but thought it deserved its own thread. Having lived in Houston as a Chief fan during the Warren Moon years I wanted to see how the Houston fans reacted to the game. These fans have suffered even more than Chiefs fans, and thereís a huge because Houston vibe with several memorable meltdowns, including the largest in playoff history.

They havenít seen their team even make the AFCCG since consecutive losses to the Steelers in 78-79 with Dan Pastorini as QB, and not before that (only titles were 60-61 AFL). Despite seven consecutive years of playoffs behind HOFer Moon, they never made it out of the divisional round. Their last shot with Moon was against the Chiefs in 93, the year after the Frank Reich game, when Montana led the Chiefsí last best playoff comeback until yesterday. The Oilers were a 12-win team coming off the bye. Then the franchise moves to TN and within three years goes to the SB. I feel for these guys.

After last yearís AFCCG, itís cathartic to be on the other side and see such similar emotions. Page 33 is the Hardman return. Before that they are in as much shock as we were. Within 15 minutes it becomes because Houston and Frank Reich memories. Itís worth a read.
KCTitus 09:17 PM 01-14-2020
Originally Posted by Iowanian:
I haven't read their game day thread yet, but I lived it in person.

We had a really obnoxious, loud, antagonistic, screeching Texas fan next to us at the game. He boasted, gloated and talked A LOT of shit during the first quarter.

After the score went 21-0, I kind of had a "feeling" it was going to turn around and finally told the guy....that I appreciated that he was a shit talker and that it was his lucky day because I was gifted in the area. He gloated more when it went 0-24.

The Chiefs score, and I lay into him. The chiefs score and I needle him...the Chiefs score and I goad him...the Chiefs score....and I shit on him......

I've never really been anything other than polite and had fun with an opposing fan, but this guy was a shitheal. I just knew he was going to get his ass kicked, and did end up in altercations with other people......But seeing him go from happy to obnoxious to nearly in tears....well friends, it was worth the price of admission.
you dont fuck with the Keyboard of Doom unless you want the consequences.
KCTitus 09:22 PM 01-14-2020
Originally Posted by HemiEd:
I had not been over there in a few years, but had to check out the thread on Orangemane.

There were actually some well informed posts much to my surprise.
I must have missed those...there were like 8-9 posters on the game thread and most of them focused on Tyreek beating his son, or not beating his son depending upon the score.

There were a few calling for Chiefs fans to 'show up' after the 24-0 deficit, but short of Tyreek's going to beat his kid, there wasnt anything that could have remotely been called 'informed'.

Those fucking punks are just hoping KC does not win the SB...because that's all the shit talk they have left. regardless how fucked up their franchise is, that's all they've got left. A SB win closes the pie holes for good.
gold_and_red 09:41 PM 01-14-2020
Originally Posted by TimBone:
That kranzdictum dude has some major insecurities and self-worth issues.
Yes he is the worst across any board that I have visited. Always expects Chiefs to be the doormat because they have done nothing for 50 years and because Broncos won 2 SBs two decades+ ago and lucked into another in 2015.
Some of the posters are knowledgeable and give credit to Mahomes. It was hilarious reading two of them fight over the coverages that the 49ers defense play and the manner in which Mahomes will carve them up in the SB.
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pugsnotdrugs19 09:45 PM 01-14-2020
That kranz douche was a mainstay around here until Donk became complete dogshit. Now he stays in his room and cheers for our misery from a safe space. Freakin’ loser.
Superturtle 09:48 PM 01-14-2020
Where's knowmo? He popped in once during the preseason game against the 49ers then ran away again.
Iowanian 01-14-2020, 10:47 PM
This message has been deleted by Iowanian.
bowener 08:19 AM 01-15-2020
Originally Posted by Chris Meck:
Watson has a little magic to him. It's true.

But the MJ stuff is just silly.

He is not in Mahomes' league.
I've thought of Watson as having 70% of Mahomes' arm talent and 70% of Jackson's run talent. Watson is currently an above average QB with the ability to be great if he can put it all together. Neither Jackson or Watson will ever unseat Mahomes as the better QB.
redhed 09:39 AM 01-15-2020
Wow, I'd hate to be this Bob guy in Houston right about now. They don't like him at all.
jerryaldini 06:11 PM 01-15-2020
Favorite from the Pats fans. Believes once the league got leverage on Kraft he agreed to join the conspiracy to get Mahomes to the SB. Pats have always refused to participate so punished by the league.

The only way he eclipses Brady is the NFL allowing it. I said long ago be wary of the 6 SB titles. The next annointed NFL god will win however many the league allows them to. It is after all, sports entertainment. I think BB was always the turd in the punch bowl and thus the massive scandals, fines and suspensions. You donít want to ďfixĒ games? Fine, here you go. Part of me feels they finally succumbed this season with the last 2 games. I have had several anti-Pats fans who are giddy they lost but have asked did they even try to win week 17 and the Titans game?

The tried with Manning. They tried with Luck. They are now trying with Mahomes. This isnít s new thing. And it isnít just the officials. Itís the coaches and players as well in my opinion. Again, Pats hating other fans have asked did they even try to win against Miami and Tennessee? See the NFL never had anything criminal on Kraft or BB etc until this offseason with tug job Bob. Curiously is was their worst season with questionable play calls amongst other things. Again this is a multi billion dollar sports entertainment organization. They are not as hands off as most would believe.
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