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Washington DC and The Holy Land>What is Trump afraid of?
Lex Luthor 09:25 AM 11-29-2019
Early in the impeachment investigation, the GOP claimed over and over that all of the testimony was hearsay that was based upon second hand knowledge. Of course, numerous other witnesses with first-hand knowledge corroborated all of the charges, but Trump supporters still seem unaware of this.

There is a very easy way to get to the bottom of it once and for all. Put Rudy Giuliani on the stand. Put John Bolton on the stand. Put Mick Mulvaney on the stand. Put Mike Pompeo on the stand. These guys know exactly what happened because they were right in the middle of it. If Trump is truly innocent and he didn't use extortion to try to dig up dirt on Biden in order to help himself win re-election, they can clear that whole thing up.

Yet Trump has ordered everyone not to testify. That's not what an innocent man does. It's what a guilty man does.

I had a conversation just the other day with a good friend who is a staunch conservative. He told me he doesn't believe Trump did anything wrong, and he blamed the Democrats for making up the whole thing and relying upon hearsay. I asked him why, if Trump is so innocent, did he block so many people from testifying? He was genuinely puzzled by the question, and he said in all sincerity, "Who has he blocked from testifying?".

That's what happens to you when you rely upon Fox News for your information.

A group called "Republicans For the Rule of Law" has launched a campaign to educate GOP voters on the facts of the Ukraine scandal that prompted the impeachment inquiry. They purchased air time on Fox News for this ad. I hope my friend sees the ad and starts to wonder why an "innocent" man would block people from testifying.

stevieray 09:27 AM 11-29-2019
^false narrative^
petegz28 09:37 AM 11-29-2019
Not Superstar Avenatti.....
BucEyedPea 09:43 AM 11-29-2019
I thought Lex wasn't coming back?

Looks to me, he can't resist Donald Trump as his President.
Prison Bitch 09:52 AM 11-29-2019
A group called "Republicans For the Rule of Law"

Republicans for the Rule of Law is part of a larger organization called Defending Democracy Together. That group says it is opposed to the “nativist” tendencies in the modern Republican party. The group is in favor of free trade and legal immigration. The organization’s mission statement says, in part:

“Today, the Republican Party finds itself entertaining some of the same unsettling nativist and authoritarian impulses that characterized Europe throughout the 20th century. These ideals are antithetical to what it means to be a Republican, and what it means to be American.

LiveSteam 09:53 AM 11-29-2019

Sucks to be Lex
Prison Bitch 09:59 AM 11-29-2019
Wait there’s more:

The group, farcically named Republicans for the Rule of Law, is actually a front group for Never Trump activist Bill Kristol.

JFC Lex Luser is so pathetic.
Easy 6 10:17 AM 11-29-2019
Suck it, Lix
Lex Luthor 10:38 AM 11-29-2019
When your client is guilty and the facts are against you, you attack the process. That's Sleazy Lawyer Defense Strategy 101.

When Trump got caught extorting the Ukrainian President, the GOP made no attempt to defend him on the facts and the merits of the case. They knew there was no defense. So instead they attacked the process with bogus claims that the process was unfair and rigged against him. They also sent their attack dogs after the witnesses, smearing them with lies and attacking their patriotism. They even attacked a patriotic and decorated war veteran. It got so bad that Vindman and his family are now under 24-hour protection from Trumptards who like to threaten people who tell the truth.

“The Army has placed Alexander #Vindman, an expert on Ukraine and a central figure in the impeachment inquiry, & his family under 24-hour security monitoring after Trump targeted Vindman in tweets accusing Vindman of being politically opposed to Trump.”

— Michael Lieberman (@ADLWashCounsel) November 19, 2019

The Trumpers on Chiefsplanet are exactly the same as the complicit GOP. You can't identify any legitimate reason for Trump to block Giuliani, Pompeo, Mulvaney or Bolton from testifying, so instead you attack the group that produced the ad.

I'll ask again: What is Trump afraid of?
Halfcan 10:39 AM 11-29-2019
petegz28 10:49 AM 11-29-2019
Lex doing Lex things........
SuperBowl4 11:06 AM 11-29-2019
Lex Truther :-)
IowaHawkeyeChief 11:06 AM 11-29-2019
petegz28 11:09 AM 11-29-2019

Halfcan 11:11 AM 11-29-2019
Next tweet will be- Traitor Vindman forced to resign after his sexual crimes are confirmed.
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