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Washington DC and The Holy Land>Tucker Carlson calls Trump 'full-blown BS artist' in segment defending him from media
Donger 11:52 AM 11-28-2019

Fox News host Tucker Carlson called President Trump a “compulsive self-promoter” and a “full-blown BS artist” while seeking to defend him against negative media coverage during his show on Wednesday night.

During the segment on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” the Fox News host noted that fact-checkers at The Washington Post have documented more than 13,000 false or misleading statements Trump has made since taking office in 2017.

“One of the reasons progressives say they hate Donald Trump is because he lies a lot,” Carlson said at the start of the segment. “Trump, they’ll tell you, is a committed liar.”

“As The Post points out, the lying began at the inauguration. Perhaps you remember this claim, which, at the time, deeply offended official Washington,” Carlson said before going on to play a clip of Trump claiming that his inauguration drew the largest audience “ever.”

“We’re not going to lie to you,” Carlson said. “That was untrue. The crowd at the 2017 inauguration was not the largest ever measured on the National Mall. Sorry, it wasn’t.”

“Why did the president claim it was? Well, because that’s who he is,” the Fox News host continued. “Donald Trump is a salesman. He’s a talker. He’s a boaster, a booster, a compulsive self-promoter. At times, he’s a full-blown BS artist. If Trump hadn’t gotten rich in real estate, he could have made a fortune selling cars.”

Carlson went on to say that “most people know this” while segueing to a larger defense of the president, asking, “Is lying really the reason the left despises Donald Trump?”

"Or could the real problem be, as is so often the case, the exact opposite of what they claim it is?" Carlson said, asserting that the most controversy during Trump's tenure has not come when Trump has "told some whopper or exaggerated his own accomplishments" but when "he tells the truth."

"Truth is the real threat to their power,” Carlson said, before going on to claim that “there is an unspoken agreement among the people in charge of our country not to talk about what has happened to it.”

“They are personally implicated in its decline for one thing. Often, they’re profiting from it,” Carlson said. “The last thing they want is a national conversation about what went wrong, and so they maintain an increasingly strict policy of mandatory reality avoidance.”

To support his claims, Carlson discussed a series of moments throughout Trump’s presidency in which he has received criticism for his controversial rhetoric.

One instance Carlson pointed to was when Trump received backlash last year following a report that he said immigrants from Haiti and African countries came from “shithole countries.”

“Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?” Trump said during a discussion on immigration in the Oval Office in January 2017, multiple people familiar with the briefing told The Post last year. At the time, the remark prompted a whirlwind of outrage.

In his defense of the president, Carlson said Trump was “speaking candidly” about immigration in the moment.

“During a conversation with advisors, Trump asked why so many immigrants come to the U.S. from impoverished countries. If immigration is supposed to make America better, he asked, shouldn’t we try to draw people from the most advanced societies?” Carlson said. “Well, it’s an obvious question, you could debate it, of course, but it’s a real question.”

After playing a montage of clips showing multiple CNN anchors criticizing Trump's remarks, Carlson remarked: “Oh the posturing."

“But let’s be real. Is there a single living person who disagrees with Trump’s assessment of Haiti?” Carlson asked. “Probably not, certainly Haitian immigrants agree with him. That’s why they moved here. Nobody on any of the CNN panels you just saw is locating to Haiti anytime soon for the same reason.”

He also defended Trump against criticism he received earlier this year for attacks he made on Maryland's 7th congressional district, which spans Baltimore, amid a back-and-forth with Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.), who died last month. At the time, Trump called the majority-black district a “rodent infested mess.”

“Baltimore may be the most depressing big city on the eastern seaboard. Ever been there? Everyone in Washington’s been there. It’s only an hour away. If you want to take the Acela from Washington to New York, you have to pass through Baltimore,” Carlson said.

“And if it’s daylight out, there’s no denying the awful reality of the place. This summer, the president told the rest of the world what’s it like,” he said, before adding: “But the obvious follow-up is, why is Baltimore so bad? How did it get so poor and hopeless?”

Carlson went on to blame part of the answer on what he called “50 years of uninterrupted Democratic Party rule,” which he said “hasn’t helped Baltimore very much.”

“That place is still sad and desperate and screwed up, and absolutely not one person in Washington, D.C., cares at all that it is, except [to] the extent that they want to make certain that you never talk about Baltimore, because thinking or talking about Baltimore, or for that matter, thinking or talking about mass immigration … or any of that might point out their own egregious failures and selfishness’s, which are profound,” Carlson said.
digger 09:21 PM 11-28-2019

LiveSteam 09:45 PM 11-28-2019
Originally Posted by digger:
Looks like she could use some of dongers boobege
eDave 09:49 PM 11-28-2019
But Trump is a racist, bigoted, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, lying fascist though.
LiveSteam 09:52 PM 11-28-2019
Whats not to like?
FAX 10:10 PM 11-28-2019
It's fascinating to realize that the majority of people who scream, "Trump's out of control!" would admit to being much happier if Trump were under their total control.

It's an odd way to process political authority vs. dependency.

digger 12:32 AM 11-29-2019
Originally Posted by eDave:
But Trump is a racist, bigoted, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, lying fascist though.

scho63 01:25 AM 11-29-2019
Originally Posted by eDave:
But Trump is a racist, bigoted, sexist homophobic, xenophobic, lying fascist though.
FYP. :-)
eDave 04:41 AM 11-29-2019
Originally Posted by scho63:
FYP. :-)
Trump is a though. Sounds about right. See you Sunday My Friend.
ForeverChiefs58 06:59 AM 11-29-2019
Originally Posted by Donger:
I suppose that depends on how one defines a liar. I define it as one who tells lies, not one who has never lied. I stated that Trump lies all the time once, and Trumpers called me on it.

I wonder how many of them think Trump's "a full-blown BS artist"?
You lie ALL the time!

I have read that you say CNN is legit, and NOT a national enquirer wrapped in a news jacket.

You have actually defended that bias, lying, piece of trash like it is neither.

You talk shit about president Trump, but don’t say anything about the other candidates on the other side.

You talk shit about the president’s son. Do you talk shit about Chelsea Clinton?

Are you always the biggest hypocrite in the room?

Are you afraid lying Hillary will have you suicided?
JohnnyHammersticks 07:26 AM 11-29-2019
That swooshing sound you heard was Tucker's point going right over Donger's head.

Tucker Epic Media Beatdown
Posted by Kane on November 29, 2019 3:47 am
Categories: Breaking

Tucker was in rare form last night – Remarkable Opening Salvo

‘Democrats and the Media hate when Trump tells the truth…’

“Is lying really the reason the left despises Donald Trump?” Carlson asked. “Or could the real problem be, as is so often the case, the exact opposite of what they claim it is? Think back over the last four years. When have the CNN anchors been the angriest? Was it when Trump told some whopper, or exaggerated his own accomplishments? Nope. They’re used to that kind of lying. Everyone who spends time around politicians is. What infuriates official Washington is not when Trump lies, but when he tells the truth. Truth is the real threat to their power.”

As an example, Carlson cited Trump’s 2015 comments on immigration.

“When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best,” the president said. “They’re not sending you. They’re not sending you. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.”

“Trump didn’t claim that everyone coming over southern border is a criminal,” Carlson said. “But some are. That’s true. And precisely because it is true, you are absolutely, under no circumstances allowed to say it. Acknowledging that not every illegal alien improves America, raises an uncomfortable question: if illegal immigration has a downside, why has Washington allowed so much of it? If the people in charge actually cared about us, they would protect our borders. But they don’t care. So they’ve let millions and millions of foreigners whose names we don’t even know stream in from abroad, to use our services, lower our wages, and — yes, in some cases — commit crimes.”


Take a look at how Drudge covered the story today with blaring headlines, both leading to a heavily-biased, highly negative piece from Mediaite. Did Tucker really serve turkey on Trump? Of course not, wasn’t even close. It was a visceral beatdown of the leftist media industrial complex, who then instinctively reacted with a ginormous helping of Thanksgiving fake news – twisting and contorting the entire point of Carlson’s harangue,

Dear God I despise these media cretins. And that now includes Matthew Drudge.

stevieray 07:34 AM 11-29-2019
"Tucker Carlson calls Trump...."

Sounds about your speed dong...hit you right in your feeeeelz
Sweet Daddy Hate 08:28 AM 11-29-2019
Donger's obvious comfort zone is that of the "principled" Republican who when it comes right down to it doesn't have the balls to stand for his convictions and will let the left and the press walk all over them.
stevieray 09:06 AM 11-29-2019
Originally Posted by Sweet Daddy Hate:
Donger's obvious comfort zone is that of the "principled" Republican who when it comes right down to it doesn't have the balls to stand for his convictions and will let the left and the press walk all over them.
"I'm sorry if I offended anyone with my statement"
BucEyedPea 09:09 AM 11-29-2019
Originally Posted by eDave:
But Trump is a racist, bigoted, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, lying fascist though.
Yet, you support fascism yourself --just don't call it that.
Donger 09:27 AM 11-29-2019
Originally Posted by patteeu:
A list of the “Trumpers” you were accusing, yeah. Go.
Marcellus was one. I believe that Glory person, too.
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