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Media Center>Best SNL skit of all time? Your Favorite?
BigRedChief 09:37 AM 11-22-2019
Whats your favorites? Heres one of mine,

Mennonite 09:31 PM 11-22-2019
Originally Posted by alpha_omega:
Yes, that one. And this one.....

Digging deep to find that one. Comedy Central used to run the 80s era SNL episodes all the time.

Anybody mentioned Old Glory Robot Insurance or Massive Headwound Harry?
KurtCobain 09:50 PM 11-22-2019
I'm from a younger generation, and mine is definitely dick in a box.
2bikemike 09:53 PM 11-22-2019
Most of the good ones have already been mentioned. Here is one that I didn't see mentioned.

The King Kong Skit where Salma Hayek jerks off King Kong.
Tribal Warfare 09:56 PM 11-22-2019
Salem Bitch Trials with host Shannen Dougherty
gblowfish 10:49 PM 11-22-2019
Jon Lovitz, as Tommy Flanagan, President of Pathological Liars
Tim Meadows as Ladies Man
Merv the Perv
Tina Fey as Sarah Palin
Sandler as Opera Man
Jon Lovitz as Annoying Man
Toonces the Cat
Garrett Morris in the Prison Talent Auditions "Get me a shotgun and kill all the whiteys I see....."
Akroyd as Jimmy Carter talking a phone caller down from a bad acid trip
Baby Lee 11:22 PM 11-22-2019
OOOOOh, one I'd forgotten about

Sweet sassy mollassy, get out the checkbook and pay grandma for the rubdown!!

I don't know about you, but my peeny just went uuuunmmph?!?!
Rain Man 11:30 PM 11-22-2019
Eddie Murphy had some skit where he was a prison poet that was funny. And Mr. Robinson's neighborhood. And the stuck ride on the Small World ride at Disneyland. And he also really embraced the role of Buckwheat. Pretty much any peak Murphy worked.

I liked when Tarzan, Tonto, and Frankenstein sang Christmas carols.

The Chippendale audition. And when Farley would interview famous people. "Remember that?" And Matt Foley, motivational speaker.

I'm sure I'm missing some of my favorites that I don't recall.
Rain Man 11:43 PM 11-22-2019
Originally Posted by Mennonite:
Great idea for a thread. Bringing back a lot of memories. Most of my favorites have already been mentioned. A few that I don't think have been brought up:

Eddie Murphy going undercover as a white guy.
The "K-I-L my landlord" prison authors bit.
Dana Carvey as Tom Brokaw announcing the death of Gerald Ford.
Chris Farley finding out he's been drinking decaf.
John Belushi performing with Joe Cocker.
Oh, yeah. The undercover white guy and Tom Brokaw were fantastic. Brokaw might be the best one ever.
Rain Man 11:44 PM 11-22-2019
They weren't skits, but I really liked the Jack Handey observations.
BigRock 11:55 PM 11-22-2019
Nicolas Cage picking out baby names is another under the radar classic.
Rain Man 12:23 AM 11-23-2019
Originally Posted by Stryker:
John Belushi - Samurai Delicatessen
Steve Martin and Dan Akroyd - Two Wild and Crazy Guys
Steve Martin - Theodoric of York
The last reminds me of some skit where there was a witchcraft trial. John Belushi was the prosecuting attorney. The judge told him to present his case and he stood up, reviewed some papers, and then pointed and yelled, "WIIIIIIIIIIIITCH!" It was hilarious.
Rain Man 12:28 AM 11-23-2019
This one was quite the phenomenon when it aired. Plus, I liked green dancer.

Fish 02:02 AM 11-23-2019
Off the top of my head, this skit provided the most WTF unexpected hilarious laughter in recent years...

Megatron96 02:11 AM 11-23-2019
Most of my favorites have already been listed. Has anyone brought up "Orgasm Guy" or "Mr. Bill"?
Otter 02:29 AM 11-23-2019

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