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Media Center>Best SNL skit of all time? Your Favorite?
BigRedChief 09:37 AM 11-22-2019
Whats your favorites? Heres one of mine,

BigRock 09:51 AM 11-22-2019
Chris Farley Chippendales.

Morning Show sketch with Will Ferrel where the teleprompter breaks and they go all Lord of the Flies in the studio.

Clinton at McDonalds.

Heather Locklear as a racist infomercial host.
ScareCrowe 09:51 AM 11-22-2019

Gravedigger 10:12 AM 11-22-2019
Two words: Colon Blow
kepp 10:13 AM 11-22-2019
Eddie Murphy - Celebrity hot tub party with James Brown

John Belushi - Little chocolate donuts

Schweaty Balls
banecat 10:15 AM 11-22-2019
Celebrity Jeopardy
BlackHelicopters 10:19 AM 11-22-2019
Will Ferrell as Neil Diamond.
KC_Lee 10:20 AM 11-22-2019
Jan Curtian & Dan Aykroyd "Point / Counter Point".

gblowfish 10:24 AM 11-22-2019
I liked Akroyd being Irwin Mainway with dangerous toys. Martin Short as slimy lawyer Nathan Thurm, Chris Walken as "The Continental" and as Bruce Dickinson in the More Cowbell skit, Eddie Murphy as Mister Robinson, Bill Murray and Buck Henry in the Lord and Lady Douchebag skit. Many Many others. I like when Kate McKinnon does Rudy and Jeff Sessions.
Kman34 10:29 AM 11-22-2019
Anything with Chris Farley...
banecat 10:31 AM 11-22-2019
Stryker 10:48 AM 11-22-2019
John Belushi - Samurai Delicatessen
Steve Martin and Dan Akroyd - Two Wild and Crazy Guys
Steve Martin - Theodoric of York
scho63 10:49 AM 11-22-2019
Originally Posted by banecat:
Celebrity Jeopardy
This is easily in my Top 11

1. Dan Aykroyd as the fridge repairman for the Lupner's
2. Coneheads
3. Eddie Murphy in Mr Robinson's Neighborhood
4. Steve Martin and Dan Akroyd as Czech Festrunk Brothers (Two Wild and Crazy Guys)
5. Chevy Chase and Richard Pryor doing skit on Word Association
6. Mike Myers and Dana Carvey as Wayne And Garth in Wayne's World
7. Kate McKinnon as the woman abducted by aliens but gets a bad treatment compared to the two other abductees
8. Adam Sandler and Alec Baldwin going camping a Scout and Scout Master
9. Christopher Walken MORE COWBELL!
10. Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg 2 different song skits (Dick in a Box and Mother's Day)
11. Celebrity Jeopardy
Fishpicker 10:52 AM 11-22-2019

scho63 10:54 AM 11-22-2019
-Hanz and Franz "Pump You Up"
-Mike Myers "Sprockets"
-Dana Carvey "Church Lady"
-Joe Piscopo as Frank Sinatra
-Adam Sandler "Operaman"
-Chris Farley "Van Down by the River' and "Chippendales Audition"
-Jim Brewer as "Goatboy"
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