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Buehler445 08:08 PM 11-29-2019
Wife has some books she wants to get on audio. I have some Id like to get too.

Is audible the way to go? Looks to me like you get one free book a month then you pay full price for any additional books. Is this correct?

Not sure the best way to get started in audio books.
heapshake 08:22 PM 11-29-2019
Your local library might have at least some of the titles you are looking for.
dj56dt58 02:34 PM 11-30-2019
Yes that is is nice I have used it for a while. You can just use your amazon account to login
Otter 04:59 AM 12-02-2019
I use Audible quiet a bit. It's great for when you're doing repetitive tasks like mowing, causal biking, walking, know by heart work @ work, driving and so on. They're having a special right now $6.95 for the first three months. It's a good deal and definitely worth the $21.

You can listen on smartphone, PC, laptop and probably a couple other devices I don't use.

The 2 best books I've listened to so far are:

Can't Hurt Me - LINK - Despite the cover it has very little to do with the military. It's an autobiography of a man overcoming adversity to become a real life super hero. Incredible, motivational story.

Born to Run - LINK - This one kind of depends on whether or not you're a Bruce Springsteen fan. I had no idea the mountain that guy had to climb to get where he's at today. Very cool story.

1 credit is usually $14.95 so that's a good deal they're spinning. I just canceled and renewed through that deal. If you don't like the format for some reason you can cancel after 1 month and only be out $6.95.
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keg in kc 02:52 PM 12-02-2019
I've had an audible account for a decade or more, listened to literally hundreds of books with it. I love it, although it's currently on hold until I resolve my current financial crisis (was unemployed most of the year, so zero disposable income atm...). One good thing is that you own the titles you buy, so even though my account isn't active, I have access to my library of past purchases. And you don't have to spend your credits every month. They roll over, and they fairly regularly run sales where you can buy 3 books for 2 credits, so I'd often let them pile up and buy a bunch of stuff at once.