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The Lounge>Chiefs offensive struggles 09:32 AM 12-02-2019
Last 2 weeks have been pretty shitty on offense. Sure they scored yesterday, but that's against the shitbird Raiders and the Chiefs looked shitty doing it.

Mahomes doesn't look right to my eye. Anyone else notice he seemed to be laboring to even get back to hand the ball off at times? Is he still hurt?

He looks skiddish in the pocket (with the interior OL I guess I get it) but the Chiefs can't win in the playoffs without him being his normal self.

What's everyone's thoughts on whats going on? Am I just seeing shit?
[Reply] 11:20 AM 12-05-2019
Went back and watched the Ravens game from earlier in the year.

Offense was just more confident. OL was playing fine, Pat looked confident, shit was just working.

I think the injuries just took their toll on the OL. It's just out of sync.
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