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Hall of Classics>Is Love worth losing your best friend?
shyguyms 01:21 PM 04-04-2008
Originally Posted by :
Part 1 of this adventure begins here. Shortly after this thread, this user reappeared under a username, but managed to stay under the radar. Until this happened.
I fell in love with my best friend or did i become best friends with the one i loved? hell even im confused.

for almost 6 years i spent all my time with my best friend ,alot of good and bad times that i would not take back for anything in this world but im not sure she feels the same way about it as me and that is killing me inside.

Should i feel the way i do about her now? I mean i will always love her and be grateful for meeting her, but i am so thrilled that she has found someone to love her the way her and her son needs to be loved. I finally came to the conclusion that i could not give her what she needed in life. The other day i seen her and her lil guy with her new man and seeing them i was thinking they all deserve that , they all deserve to be happy and at that moment i knew i had to move on with my life. i was so happy for them all that i cried a happy cry i just hope that someday we can all be friends and take the good out of that past 6 years and i will never forget all that she has done for me and my family.

There is still one thing killing me is that i can't talk to my best friend at a time like this when im dying inside and have noone to talk to.

I miss that in my life and i hope that someday she will feel the same way about me and be my friend , i cannot keep goiong on like this

Mr. Kotter 11:50 PM 01-16-2009, 2004 at Christmas...
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OnTheWarpath15 11:51 PM 01-16-2009
Originally Posted by Mr. Kotter:, 2004 at Christmas...
Love the haircut.
dirk digler 11:52 PM 01-16-2009

Classic ownage by Phobia and Iowanian in that other thread. I remember that thread but I only read the first couple of pages after he started and I thought at the time the thread was just going to be stupid and a waste of time.

I always miss all the fun.

Great job everyone on exposing DT58HOF as shygum. What a douchebag.
Time's Yours 12:08 AM 01-17-2009
How does somebody get his identity as a sex offender outed once, and then somehow come back and give enough personal information for it to happen AGAIN????

I'm still trying to wrap my mind around it.
alanm 12:10 AM 01-17-2009
Originally Posted by OnTheWarpath58:
Jesus Tapdancing Christ.

This is one of the videos on his YouTube page with this comment:

Is that Miley Cyrus? :-)
the Talking Can 12:12 AM 01-17-2009
Originally Posted by Mr. Kotter:
For convenience, this was "Shyguyms" original thread starter in the HOF thread (as preserved by Iowanian):

Enjoy. :-)
and how creepy is that now, knowing he's a sex offender?
the Talking Can 12:14 AM 01-17-2009
Originally Posted by Brock:
Mr. Mike Lewis, local resident and Silver Hoop
Classic coach:
· Mr. Lewis approached the board because he is angry
that a registered sex offender, Marty Shook, has been
allowed to referee at an annual basketball tournament
known as the Silver Hoop Classic, which takes place
on school property. This tournament was recently
held at Fort Hill High School.
· Mr. Lewis handed out fliers to inform fans of Shook’s
sex offender status. Fans booed Shook out of the

· In response, Dr. AuMiller stated that this particular
tournament is not a school sponsored event and many
outside groups request permission to utilize school
facilities. Mr. Shook complied with all state laws
required of registered sex offenders, including
notification to the principal of his presence on school
property as well as intent.
· Fort Hill principal, Steve Lewis, additionally contacted
C3I for advice about Shook’s presence at the
tournament and he was informed that state law allows
this so long as prescribed procedures and protocol are
· Board member Metz would like Mr. Hanna, board
attorney, to conduct some research to determine
whether or not Maryland law would prohibit a local
board of education from developing a policy that
would deny a sex offender access to school property.
"wow" is not even close to capturing this

if we could deal with terrorists as swiftly and as completely as we deal wiith trolls.....this bastard got a daisy cutter shoved right up his pee hole...
Hammock Parties 12:17 AM 01-17-2009
God, so this fucker starts trolling, someone digs a bit, lava boils up, and he just happens to be a SEX OFFENDER?

This place sure attracts some freaks.
OnTheWarpath15 12:18 AM 01-17-2009
Originally Posted by alanm:
Is that Miley Cyrus? :-)
Whoever it is, they are REALLY young.

That's why I said this:

Originally Posted by OnTheWarpath58:
Fuckin' sick, ain't it?

Hammock Parties 12:18 AM 01-17-2009
Originally Posted by OnTheWarpath58:
Holy shit.

That was prophetic in more ways than one.
Shygums is an agent of chaos!
OnTheWarpath15 12:19 AM 01-17-2009
Originally Posted by Claythan:
Shygums is an agent of chaos!
Mr. Flopnuts 12:21 AM 01-17-2009
Heh, shyboylover got found out again huh?
Mr. Flopnuts 12:22 AM 01-17-2009
Who would've guessed that a thread about Denver and sex offenders would've collided like this on a friday night. IT'S ALMOST LIKE REAL LIFE!!!!11!!!!!!!won
Frosty 12:23 AM 01-17-2009
Originally Posted by phillip:
How does somebody get his identity as a sex offender outed once, and then somehow come back and give enough personal information for it to happen AGAIN????

I'm still trying to wrap my mind around it.
Well, it's pretty clear from his posts that he isn't exactly the sharpest tool in the shed.
Bugeater 12:24 AM 01-17-2009
It's only fitting all this happened in a thread started by a cop.
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