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Chief Northman 06:33 PM 02-10-2020
You know the drill folks. Have some fun.
Chief Northman 12:31 PM 04-04-2020
Originally Posted by Wilson8:
Bryce has a couple of strikes against him.

He only played 6 games this last season and he was invited to combine but was not ready to workout, so teams don't know where he is at after his injury.

In 2018 he was considered a 1st round talent by several draft experts before he decided to stay at Virginia.

Some teams that scouted him pretty hard in 2018 probably have him rated higher. While the Chiefs were scouting and watching Juan Thornhill, they may have spent some extra time also watching Bryce Hall.

I've watched most of his games. In my opinion, I think he gets drafted in the 2nd round but because of his injury and not being able to show teams that he has recovered, he may fall to the 3rd round.
^ A fair and reasonable assessment.

I really like Hall, but that was no minor injury he sustained. Dislocated ankle, broken fibula and a ligament tear all in one fell swoop...
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