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Titty Meat 02:26 AM 02-26-2020
Since Breeland is gone, not sure Fuller will be back, Claiborne was meh.

That leaves us with:


Not sure who else i'm forgetting, I think Ward has steadily worked his way up to being a top 25 CB, Fenton was a surprise. Brown saw sometime at the end of the year I could see him playing more next year.

This looks like a decent class for CB's. I saw somewhere Staylor mentioned Bryce Hall whom I love. Michael Ojemudia had a hell of a SR Bowl and was a very good player. Gives you the versatility Fuller gave you.
kccrow 02:49 PM 02-28-2020
Originally Posted by Megatron96:
If we could re-sign Breeland that would be the best possible outcome, IMO. Ward and Breeland were solid; we don't need to go crazy trying to upgrade this season.
I don't have an issue with it at all... if the cap space allows for it.

He was set to sign a 3-year $24 million deal before he failed his physical. That's when the Packers scooped him up for peanuts. I'm guessing teams didn't trust his health when we snagged him for peanuts as well. After two years and a return to form, I'd have to think he's back in that range of 3 for $27. And really, that's not unreasonable for him IMO. Question becomes whether KC can afford it if they re-sign Jones. Right now, it would take showing the door to a handful of other players.
Titty Meat 04:36 AM 02-29-2020
Originally Posted by kccrow:
What Ward?

Not Charvarius Ward.
Not Jimmy Ward.

Both are much taller at 6'1" and 5'11" versus Robinson's 5'9".

I do like him alot and do agree with you on the slot role though. He's probably going to be a high-end player in that role and he tackles like a safety.
Damn youre right I was think of Charvius Ward. For some reason I thought he was like 5'10 190 he looks it anyway.
bsp4444 05:39 AM 02-29-2020
I’m liking Myles Bryant out of Washington as a later round option, although he’s a bit smaller.
staylor26 03:15 PM 03-01-2020
Diggs, Fulton, Johnson, Gladney, Terrell, Dantzler, Hall

One of those guys WILL be a Chief. Guaranteed.
The Franchise 06:34 PM 03-01-2020
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