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The Dumbass Lounge>****OFFICIAL NBA Regular Season Thread****
dirk digler 10:59 AM 12-25-2011
Let's get it on... finally
BIG_DADDY 10:52 PM 01-05-2012
Originally Posted by tk13:
Pretty tight game here between the Hawks and Raptors. 3 OT.
Awesome post.
DaKCMan AP 10:52 PM 01-05-2012
Heat 116
Atlanta 109

Final 3OT
dirk digler 10:52 PM 01-05-2012
Originally Posted by DaKCMan AP:
Heat are going to win in 3OT.
It is about time. what a damn long game
KcMizzou 11:26 PM 01-05-2012
Do the Pacers still suck?
L.A. Chieffan 11:37 PM 01-05-2012
Trail blazers cheerleaders outfits are haaaawt
L.A. Chieffan 11:44 PM 01-05-2012
Ebanks blows a completely wide open dunk haha
Imon Yourside 01-06-2012, 02:56 AM
This message has been deleted by Imon Yourside. Reason: rp
-King- 06:13 PM 01-06-2012
:-) Chuck is hilarious

Chuck, "Man, I cant stand to watch this Atlanta Hawk team"

Kevin, " This game is terrible"


okcchief 03:16 AM 01-07-2012
The Suns beating the Blazers by 20 plus tonight is a glaring example of how these back to backs can mess with teams. We are going to see some strange shit this year.
MIAdragon 08:49 AM 01-07-2012
Originally Posted by KcMizzou:
Do the Pacers still suck?
Shut your whore mouth!
okcchief 11:11 PM 01-07-2012
Costly win for the Thunder tonight. Eric Maynor most likely gone for a long time with a knee injury. That Reggie Jackson draft pick looking pretty fucking good all in the sudden. He'll have to grow up quick now.
Chiefs Pantalones 08:28 PM 01-13-2012
Bulls are killing the C's at the half. I'm surprised we're doing so well this early. I was expecting a slow start like half the league. Rose still needs more help though.
Chiefs Pantalones 09:37 PM 01-13-2012
Bulls win. 11-2 now!
okcchief 11:09 PM 01-13-2012
Originally Posted by DaKCMan AP:
Yeah, Heat are winning it all this year. No one can hang.
They may win it all, but again, a ridiculous statement.
KcMizzou 11:55 PM 01-13-2012
Originally Posted by MIAdragon:
Shut your whore mouth!
Hey now, the reason I ask is because when I was paying attention, the Pacers were my favorite team. I was a big Reggie Miller guy.
okcchief 11:59 PM 01-13-2012
Glad to see Wade walk on his own. That looked pretty severe at first glance.
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