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The Dumbass Lounge>****OFFICIAL NBA Regular Season Thread****
dirk digler 10:59 AM 12-25-2011
Let's get it on... finally
okcchief 11:23 PM 12-29-2011
I'm glad to say I was there. I totally lost my shit when he hit that shot. KD had added some tools in the offseason. The dude is becoming truly special.

I still think we are far from playing our best basketball but I'll take the 4-0 start.

Now if I can wind down and sleep. The last 6 minutes of that game was playoff atmosphere. Fanfuckingtastic!
okcchief 11:25 PM 12-29-2011
Originally Posted by KC_Connection:
Still no. But he's clutch at least.
He's working on it. He's still just 23 :-)
-King- 12:27 AM 12-30-2011
Lakers win. Shut down the Knicks offense.

Get Bynum back next game.
okcchief 09:32 PM 12-30-2011
Nice play by LeBron and Wade to pull out the win. Another tough loss for the T-Wolves.
-King- 09:34 PM 12-30-2011
Dallas looks to be headed toward their first win.
dirk digler 08:54 PM 12-31-2011
Suns are getting rolled by the Thunder but I had no idea Markieff Morris could make NBA 3's.
Buck 08:55 PM 12-31-2011
By the way, Bynum was dominant in his debut tonight.
dirk digler 09:00 PM 12-31-2011
Originally Posted by Buck:
By the way, Bynum was dominant in his debut tonight.
Fresh legs
dirk digler 09:01 PM 12-31-2011
Aldrich finally gets in the game with the Thunder up by 20, then gets beat to the basket by Hakim Warrick
DaKCMan AP 05:47 PM 01-01-2012
Norris Cole is the truth.
Simplicity 05:57 PM 01-01-2012
New York Knicks. That is all.
DaKCMan AP 06:13 PM 01-01-2012
Heat 65
Bobcats 37


dirk digler 06:24 PM 01-01-2012
Originally Posted by DaKCMan AP:
Heat 65
Bobcats 37


just saw that wow. They barely beat them the other night but tonight are destroying them
KevB 06:32 PM 01-01-2012
DeMarcus Cousins demands a trade from the Kings, so they sent him home. He's not with the team for their game in NO. Now his agent comes out and says Cousins hasn't demanded a trade. He is the king of knuckleheads.
dirk digler 06:43 PM 01-01-2012
Rondo owning Wall right now
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