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Media Center>Ted Lasso is a good show
BWillie 10:26 AM 09-04-2020
It's on Apple TV so that is kind of a pain in the ass. I always give a watch to the guys who grew up around here (Sudekis, Rudd, Cheadle etc)

A feel good show that is better than I thought, albeit a little corny.

Story: Likable and optimistic D2 football coach gets hired to coach Premier soccer team in England.

Baby Lee 04:02 PM 09-04-2020
It's a little thin and formulaic on the plotting, but they sell it with warmth and charm.

I mean, no one is really invested on how good a coach Lasso is, or how good the team is, or his relationship with his wife and kids, . . . but they sell it in the scene and you enjoy the performance in the moment.
KCwolf 10:04 PM 09-13-2020
I love it ... seems to get better every week ... of course it’s corny and over the top ... but I’m a fan