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Hog's Gone Fishin 01:01 PM 04-04-2021
can anyone find out information on the movie "KREEP". It was made around 2014-15 and some of the scenes were made on my property. I've never seen where it got released anywhere. It starred Judd Nelson.

Here's a trailer. At 1:20 it shows part of my property by the Hog farm where I had some trailer houses. Judd is leaning on a water hydrant I installed myself and the iron pipe stand in the background was the makings of a shooting platform me and my brother built to shoot prairie dogs from but quit on the project as the plague went thru and wiped them out.

But where's the movie??????????????????
eDave 01:29 PM 04-04-2021

Hog's Gone Fishin 03:12 PM 04-04-2021
Originally Posted by eDave:
Are you kidding Me!!!! I've been looking for this for 5 years!!! THANKYOU,THANKYOU,THANKYOU!

The power of the planet never fails!

The first 15 minutes were shot on my property ,the old lady was in an old mobile home of mine that was vacant, they staged it up pretty good. Even shots of my hog barns too !!!!! And the railroad track behind my property. I noticed the Sherriffs truck said Moore County. All shot here in the Texas panhandle.

Thanks edave! I owe you one.