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Washington DC and The Holy Land>It's the economy. And Trump is stupid.
Lex Luthor 08:20 PM 07-31-2020
This article from a month ago in the Daily Edge pretty much nails it.

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It's the Economy. And Trump's Stupid.

Trump is the dumbest person America could have picked to lead us through these complicated times.

Another 1.5 million Americans filed jobless claims last week.

US GDP fell 5% in the first quarter.

And the IMF just slashed its forecast for the full year—from a decline of 5.9% in US GDP to a staggering 8% contraction.

We know Trump failed to protect us from the coronavirus. He owns that 100%. But it’s also worth remembering (as I have been saying all year), that Trump’s disastrous mismanagement of the economy has also set the stage for the current disaster. As the National Bureau of Economic Research announced earlier this month, the Trump Recession actually began PRE-LOCKDOWN, in February.

Even setting all the corruption aside, Trump is simply too stupid to be President.

You can argue about the wisdom of electing a “businessman” with no military or political experience to the Presidency. But you can’t argue that Donald Trump has been the worst-possible “businessman” for the job.

Even in the areas in which he’s supposed to have shown he’s a winner, he’s actually a total loser. Trump even managed to fail bigly as a casino owner during the biggest boom in US casino history. If we really wanted to put a hotel and gaming executive in charge of the US economy and the world’s biggest casino—Wall Street—we could have picked….

*checks notes*

… literally ANY other casino executive in America.

During the biggest boom in US casino history (1995-2005), here's what you have ended up with if you invested $1,000 in:

Penn National Gaming: $33,400
MGM: $5,300
Boyd Gaming: $3,800
Argosy: $3,400
Harrah's: $2,400
Casino America: $1,600
@realDonaldTrump: $110

In a country that’s known for entrepreneurial self-made billionaires such as Mike Bloomberg, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and Warren Buffett, Trump is best known for inheriting his wealth and blowing it.

Looking at his other claim to fame—as a reality TV star—it’s easy to make the case that Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner are both smarter business people. And in the world of TV as a whole, there’s no doubt that Oprah Winfrey is more talented, more empathetic—and far more successful in business.

The truth is, Trump has always been the stupid person’s idea of a successful businessman, complete with his gold toilet and his collection of trophy wives and girlfriends. After his TV show made him famous, his willingness to go full racist as a political candidate made him the acceptable, business-suited face of the alt-right. When he became the “family values” GOP’s adulterous, pussy-grabbing nominee, the party grudgingly rallied behind him in a last-gasp battle waged by conservative white male boomers desperate to retain their hold on power.

Back in 2016, it seemed that Trump’s real ambition was to build his mailing list and become fat and unhappy in the conservative grifter mold of Newt Gingrich and Mike Huckabee, with perhaps a Trump TV network added to the mix in partnership with his disgraced, now-deceased pervert pal Roger Ailes.

As the face of conservative opposition to President Hillary Clinton, Trump could have spent the last three-plus years building a nice profitable business without even having to launder money for international criminals and mobsters. Unfortunately, Robert Mercer (along with his employees Steve Bannon and Kellyanne Conway) and Vladimir Putin had bigger plans for him.

So instead of Trump moving his shameless hustles from the general market to the conservative griftosphere, the unthinkable happened: The former figurehead of a corrupt fake University… the perennial loser more famous for his multiple bankruptcies than for ever building a successful business… the idiot who couldn’t even make money running a casino… was put in charge of the world’s biggest economy without having the slightest clue what that meant or what to do.

Three and a half years later, we are seeing the results: Trump’s abject stupidity has led America into a complete and utter economic disaster.
Just Passin' By 12:09 PM 08-01-2020
Hey, here's a little something

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2Q GDP Drop In Perspective: U.S. Outperformed EU and Eurozone

Eurozone GDP dropped 12.1%. Germany’s DW News: “Pandemic’s impact in April, May, and June was worse for the EU than the United States, which reported a 9.5% drop.”
Originally Posted by :
European Union economies have taken a big hit in the wake of the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic, registering their biggest decline in recent history. The eurozone economies, comprising of 19 out of 27 EU member states, reported an annualized GPD decline of 40.3 percent, higher than the annualized drop of 32.9 percent registered in the United States.

This is the fastest rate of decline in the eurozone’s history since it was established 21 years ago. “The eurozone’s gross domestic product fell 40.3% on an annual basis, far exceeding the 32.9% contraction in the U.S. economy over the same period, according to data published Friday,” The Wall Street Journal reported.

But, of course,

Hammock Parties 12:18 PM 08-01-2020
That's Trump's fault too. He's destroying Europe!!!! Trump is LITERALLY HITLER!
Bowser 12:44 PM 08-01-2020

Just Passin' By 03:07 PM 08-01-2020
Originally Posted by :
Germany economic collapse: Nearly 10 YEARS of growth wiped out in nightmare for Merkel

ANGELA MERKEL is facing another huge crisis after a plunge in Germany's economic output in the second quarter - triggered by the coronavirus crisis - wiped out nearly a decade of economic growth.

In the second quarter of this year, the German economy shrunk by a massive 10.1 percent compared to the first three months of 2020 as the crushing impacts from the coronavirus crisis become increasingly evident.

Germany's statistics office said the GDP index adjusted for inflation, seasonally and calendar effects plummeted to 94.26 in the April to June period.

The office said: "Most recently, the chain index was lower at 93.19 in the fourth quarter of 2010, so that's roughly 10 years ago."...

But....but..... TRUMP!

seamonster 04:16 PM 08-01-2020
Germany's also seeing a rise in this pussy little disease and are being shammed into complying with the rest of the world's fear mongering.

No so fast Merkle. Time to cower in place again
Prison Bitch 04:18 PM 08-01-2020
Feb 29 2020: “This is the Obama economy!”

Two weeks later. “Uhhh....THIS IS TRUMPS ECONOMY!”
Ninerfan11 09:29 PM 08-01-2020
This poster should not be able to make threads, it's disgraceful.

Buy Bitcoin.
stumppy 10:10 PM 08-01-2020

Discuss Thrower 10:31 PM 08-01-2020
Originally Posted by stumppy:
FYI a recession is two or more consecutive quarters of GDP retraction.
Just Passin' By 10:42 PM 08-01-2020
Originally Posted by Discuss Thrower:
FYI a recession is two or more consecutive quarters of GDP retraction.
Forget it, Discuss. It's Stumppytown.
Discuss Thrower 10:43 PM 08-01-2020
Originally Posted by Just Passin' By:
Forget it, Discuss. It's Stumppytown.
That doesn't make my sliced the fuck up nostril feel any better.
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