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kccrow 05:54 AM 04-06-2019
So, here's this year's "What I Want" mock and I have to say it was probably one of the tougher ones I've sat and pondered over. For starters, I haven't seen draft pundits be in as much disagreement over player rankings as I have seen this year. That means there is a lot of talent clustered together on day 2 and early day 3 with little idea about where they'll likely end up. I'm going with my estimations on where I see these guys going, so if you disagree it's duly noted and I have no issues with that. The other part is really thinking about what positions I'd most like KC to address and where. It feels like the team should spend the entire draft on defense again but we all know that can't and won't happen. That said, I still feel that KC should put the bulk of its early picks into the defensive side of the ball.

The Chiefs surprised me with a big move to get Frank Clark, which erases my concerns about edge rusher in my previous rendition of this mock. This is the first time in as long as I can remember that I've completely altered this mock once I posted it, but the trade this late and some new thoughts on the direction KC should go have made it a must-do. Here you go...

Round 2, Selection 61 | Amani Oruwariye, CB, Penn State (6'2" 205)
The Chiefs just simply have too many questions around the position for 2020 and have ignored it in the draft for a couple of years, so CB really has to be a priority. Oruwariye is a big, long corner that KC generally likes and fits well in zone and press-man, which we should see more of under Spags. Oruwariye has outstanding agility for a man his size and good long speed which helps him stick with most receivers. He shows good awareness of using the sideline to box out his man and uses his length to disrupt alot of passes. He needs to get better and recognizing routes earlier and sticking to shallow crossers that NFL teams will run consistently. That said, Oruwariye is another ball hawk type of player with 8 INTs in a limited amount of starts at Penn State. Most outlets have Oruwariye graded as a late 2nd to early 3rd player and I also see him available in this range. He's similar to corners that went in the same range last year in Isaiah Oliver (58) and Carlton Davis (63).

Round 2, Selection 63 (f/LAR) | Deionte Thompson, FS, Alabama (6'1" 194)
If I'm looking at the current Chiefs' roster and I want to identify a spot where I think you can get the biggest bang for your buck with a 2nd round pick, then that spot is undoubtedly at free safety. I'm not comfortable trotting out Daniel Sorenson to play that spot and I really don't think I saw enough from Jordan Lucas (mind you I was all about trading for him before it happened so I like the kid), to say that's the guy either. Certainly, Amani Watts has to be a consideration but I see him more as a box safety and never did particularly love his cover skills. All that said, I think the Chiefs can do the most with this pick by taking a guy that can make plays on the ball and has the athleticism to play single-high or the physicality to come down into 2 deep looks. If I were to guess a safety that will be there at 61 that can do those things, Thompson is the guy. Overall, I love Thompson's play demeanor, willingness to tackle, and his ability to play the football. He's a bit on the thin side and he certainly is rough around the edges, but I think you can coach this kid up to be a pretty good player.

Round 3, Selection 84 (f/SEA) | Terry McLaurin, WR, Ohio State (6'0" 208)
The Chiefs are set to have Demarcus Robinson, Tyreek Hill, Marcus Kemp, and Gerhig Deiter all hit free agency in 2020 and the Sammy Watkins contract could add a potential cut at the position. I won't be surprised if the Chiefs add more than one prospect at receiver in the coming draft if they are forward thinking, especially with the looming Hill situation and already losing Chris Conley for 2019. That said, I have KC going with McLaurin who is a burner at the receiver position (4.35 40-yd) with good quickness, good size, solid hands, and the ability to make plays after the catch. One thing about Reid's offense is that he really likes guys with that YAC ability that can take a short throw and turn it into a 20 yard gain. McLaurin displayed YAC ability regularly in OSU's weird passing offense and was a regular short-yardage/in-traffic target for Dwayne Haskins. Another thing McLaurin does extremely well is separate from press and man-to-man coverage, which many receivers aren't adept at coming to the pros, plus he runs excellent routes and shows good break at the top. McLaurin does the little things and is an A+ blocker at the position and an ace punt gunner. He was the number four receiver at OSU but projects as a #2 in the NFL. He's got the same type of build and athletic traits as Sammy Watkins and ideally fits what Reid likes in receivers. His Senior Bowl practices and performance were outstanding.

Round 5, Selection 145 (td/TB) | Kahale Warring, TE, San Diego State (6'5" 252)
It's pretty clear that KC is looking hard for a #2 TE although they seem to be primarily focusing on guys in that 3rd round range. I can't disagree that they need to get better there because if an injury hits Travis Kelce, the entire offense for the Chiefs changes substantially. I've seen Warring's ratings kind of all over the board, some as high as round 2 and some as low as round 6. I most consistently see him in the 5th though. Although I'm personally much higher on Warring, he does come with limited starts and only one year of really solid production, so this may be a good spot for him. Warring is a guy that can do everything well and is one of the better blocking TEs coming in. He is quick to hit the seam and pressure upfield and is sharp out of breaks, which will get him open in the NFL. He also boasts excellent athleticism at the position for the NFL to go with prototypical size. Obviously coming from a small school, he has work to do on technique, but I think he ends up one of the better TEs in this class. I have the Chiefs moving up to the top end of Round 5, trading 5-167 and 6-201 to Tampa Bay for 5-145. I think you have to get in that top 150 area to snag the last remaining TEs worth drafting.

Round 6, Selection 214 (Comp) | Derwin Gray, OL, Maryland (6'4" 320)
Obviously, I slid back offensive line and decided that competition for depth spots might be the more frugal approach. The Chiefs could certainly swing for a player early that can play guard or center, but it seems like they've only looked at a few of those guys. Where they did focus alot of attention was on guys that can play right tackle or guard. I really like Gray in this role. He primarily played LT at Maryland and he was solid in a good conference, but I don't think he has the athleticism to stay there in the pros. I see his best fit kicking inside a spot to LG, but he might have the ability to play RT and he certainly wouldn't be a bad reserve option there. One thing Gray has is size and power and has enough athleticism to move in space. Gray is solid in pass pro and has the strength to stop power rushers in their tracks. Has the size and strength to drive block on running plays. Shows tenacity staying after blocks. I saw LG as much more of an issue than OC throughout the season and would like to see some draft resources be given to the position.

Round 7, Selection 216 (f/SF) | Jon'Vea Johnson, WR, Toledo (5'11" 188)
I do think that KC needs to add another speedy receiver that could step in and fill the slot role and Johnson is that type of guy. You do see a bit of a lack of production from Johnson but they had 3 NFL-caliber receivers on that roster and an atrocious offensive line that gave their QB little time to throw. Johnson showed the ability to catch alot of off-target throws out away from his frame during his time in Toledo and also showed alot of speed and agility. Johnson has a similar build (maybe a bit bigger) and similar speed (4.36 40-yd) to DeSean Jackson.


QB: Patrick Mahomes, Chad Henne, Chase Litton
RB: Damien Williams, Carlos Hyde, Darrel Williams
FB: Anthony Sherman
TE: Travis Kelce, Kahale Warring, Blake Bell
WR: Tyreek Hill, Sammy Watkins, Demarcus Robinson, Terry McLaurin, Byron Pringle, Jon'Vea Johnson, Marcus Kemp, Gehrig Deiter
OT: Eric Fisher, Mitchell Schwartz, Andrew Wylie (OG), Derwin Gray (OG)
OG: Laurent Duvernay-Tardif, Cameron Erving (OC), Ryan Hunter, Khalil McKenzie
OC: Austin Reiter, Jimmy Murray
DE: Frank Clark, Breeland Speaks, Emmanuel Ogbah, Alex Okafor, Tanoh Kpassagnon, Rob McCray
DT: Chris Jones, Derrick Nnadi, Xavier Williams, Justin Hamilton
LB: Anthony Hitchens, Dorian O'Daniel, Damien Wilson, Reggie Ragland, Ben Niemann
CB: Kendall Fuller, Bashaud Breeland, Charvarius Ward, Amani Oruwariye, Tremon Smith, D'Montre Wade
FS: Deionte Thompson, Jordan Lucas
SS: Tyrann Mathieu, Daniel Sorensen, Armani Watts
ST: Harrison Butker, Dustin Colquitt, James Winchester
kccrow 08:07 PM 04-24-2019
Originally Posted by Iconic:
Aren't getting Kahale in the 5th. He's in that upper tier with Stern where at worst he'll go late 3, early 4. A more realistic option is Moreau or Mack.

I like the draft overall and would be happy with it.
I really struggled putting him there but I went with ratings from 3 sources I trust rather than my gut. I have him in the top 5 TEs in this draft with Hock, Fant, Oliver, and I. Smith. However, everywhere pretty much has him in that 150-160 range except for
kccrow 08:31 PM 04-24-2019
Oh, btw Iconic, I'd probably leave Sample from my previous rendition mocked in the 5th if Warring goes earlier. I like both but probably more likely Sample is there. I'd rather see the Chiefs 3rd rounder go to WR than TE, but that's personal preference.
BryanBusby 09:26 PM 04-24-2019
Solid re-issue IMO
pugsnotdrugs19 10:25 PM 04-24-2019
That’s a pretty mock.

I too am higher on Oruwariye than most seem to be, especially for this scheme.
staylor26 05:21 AM Yesterday
Yea I’d be happy with this
TambaBerry 06:50 AM Yesterday
Originally Posted by pugsnotdrugs19:
Thatís a pretty mock.

I too am higher on Oruwariye than most seem to be, especially for this scheme.
oh i like him a lot, even before the combine i was really wanting the guy. I did think he was a 1st rounder and then now im saying late 2nd early 3rd
Iconic 03:39 PM Yesterday
Originally Posted by kccrow:
Oh, btw Iconic, I'd probably leave Sample from my previous rendition mocked in the 5th if Warring goes earlier. I like both but probably more likely Sample is there. I'd rather see the Chiefs 3rd rounder go to WR than TE, but that's personal preference.
Yeah I'd agree with you on grabbing a WR before a TE. Just the nature of how teams value both and how stacked each class is.

When it comes to Sample I think in any other class he'd be a solid get, but considering what's going to be available this year I'd pass. I see Sample as a great blocker who can catch when needed, but that's about it. His speed breaks lack snap and he's not a real fluid mover from what I've seen. He's not going to ever make a whole lot happen when Mahomes is on the move and needs receivers to break from coverage. I don't see much more than a career number 2 out of him.

IMO late round TE's that can develop into ones would probably be: Wesco, Moreau, Mack, and Caleb Wilson
Chief Northman 04:00 PM Yesterday
Nice work crow.

Watch a Pat Peterson trade crush your dreams....
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