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Saccopoo Memorial Draft Forum>Jayson Oweh, Penn State
staylor26 11:02 PM 02-12-2021
I don’t see this guy getting a lot of love on CP, so I figured I’d start a discussion because I really love his upside and I could easily see him being the pick at 31.

He has very great length and he’s a freak athletically. The problem is he had a very weird season, like a lot of other prospects, where he didn’t get any sacks in a small sample size of games. If you watch the tape though, you can see him flashing and getting pressure on a fairly consistent basis relative to the lack of production.

Despite the stats, he clearly was a better player than in 2019 where he recorded 5 sacks, just an example of how those stats can be misleading in a season where he only played 7 games.

He hasn’t been playing football for a long time, but he’s not just an athlete. He’s definitely a football player and could be our Sneed/Gay/Thornhill/Jones at DE.

We have athletic freaks all over this defense, but not on the edge. I love Clark, but he’s not that. You add that to what we already have though?

This defense could be playing like a top 5 defense down the stretch in 2021.

When you’re picking at 31, these are the kind of guys that could make drafting late irrelevant. This guys just scratching the surface, and with our staff I have full confidence he could reach that potential and give us a top 10 talent at 31.
kccrow 01:00 PM 03-03-2021
I'd rather take Ojulari and have him put on weight than take a chance on Oweh becoming productive in round 1.

My preferences still lie in Perkins and Tryon. Tryon obviously fits the Spags type much better than Perkins but Perkins has experience at LDE and is insanely productive.
MahomesMagic 03:15 PM 03-03-2021
I like Oweh. I suspect Veach will too.

There are guys I like better at 31 but this would intrigue me.

I think Oweh looks like a late 1st/early 2nd type prospect.
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