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kccrow 10:26 AM 02-13-2021
Putting this one out there as a change from the thought to absolutely replace Fisher.

Restructure QB Patrick Mahomes, DT Chris Jones, WR Tyreek Hill roster bonuses into signing bonuses
Chiefs ask LT Eric Fisher to take a pay cut and put him on the PUP.
Extend SS Tyrann Mathieu for 3 years.
RT Mitchell Schwartz retires due to back issues.

Re-Sign FAs
Chiefs sign to 1-year veteran minimum deals:and sign
Sign FAs
Round 1 | 31 - DE Ronnie Perkins, Oklahoma (6'3' 251)
The Chiefs' defense definitely needs an injection of talent off the edge to compliment the spotty play of Frank Clark and take the added focus off Chris Jones. Inability to apply consistent pressure definitely showed up in the playoffs this year. Perkins is an explosive edge rusher that comes off the snap with conviction and is an Energizer bunny that just keeps coming. Perkins has relatively heavy hands and can simply beat OTs with speed, but bends fairly well to always threaten the arc and also shows the ability to knife into gaps. He brings a mean streak and swagger the Chiefs sometimes lack on defense. I think a couple of things are whether or not he consistently holds the backside contain against the run and his ability to consistently anchor against NFL-calibre tackles in the same facet.

Round 2 | 63 - CB Shaun Wade, Ohio State (6'1" 195)
Every year Veach makes a couple of picks to hedge future losses and I see CB as relatively high on the list. They lose the steady presence of Breeland this year and could lose Ward next year. While Sneed has been outstanding coming out of the 4th round, he has to stay healthy and on the field. Outside of that, Keyes is an unproven 7th round pick and Fenton is an average slot corner with limited upside. We'll see what happens with DeAndre Baker. All told, Wade is a prototype for Spags with great size, physicality, recovery speed, and the ability to get home as a blitzer from the outside.

Round 3 | 94 - OT Walker Little, Stanford (6'7" 320)
The Chiefs will undoubtedly sign a veteran stop-gap (Peters makes a lot of sense) if they have hope Eric Fisher heals, but they have to hedge their bets with a developmental prospect should that not happen. Little has been out of action for two full seasons so his stock is most definitely going to be much lower than his play suggests. Without the injury and the lost season due to COVID, Little's talent suggests that of a potential first-round pick. If Little works out, they could let Fisher walk in the offseason and save cap space.

Round 4 | 133 - WR Marquez Stevenson, Houston (6'0" 190)
The Chiefs' depth at WR looks like it could take a big hit with so many free agents, so they'll have to address it at least once in the draft. Stevenson is the type of spark plug that Reid likes with outstanding deep speed and the ability to create in the open field. With the solid size and elite quickness, he could become a staple against defenses that force quick-hitting inside slants and crossing routes.

Round 4 | 140 (Comp) - LB Buddy Johnson, Texas A&M (6'2" 240)
Ben Niemann proved he's probably not a full-time player but the growth of Gay should change that. The Chiefs still need to add some depth, particularly at MLB, and prepare for a future beyond Anthony Hitchens who is generally overpaid and underproductive. Johnson isn't the most athletic player at the position in this draft but he brings accountability and gets his teammates in the right spots. He's the type of physical player with a head for the position the Chiefs seem to lack.

Round 5 | 171 - OT Adrian Ealy, Oklahoma (6'5" 327)
Lucas Niang projects as the future RT for the Chiefs should Schwartz hang them up, but they can't go into 2021 without more depth at tackle. Ealy also projects to the right side but has some versatility to act as a swing tackle and guard. Ealy has good size and outstanding length but lacks the functional play strength to be an earlier pick. Once he learns to keep his chest clean and develop that lower anchor, he could cause fits for defenders and become a legit starter.

Round 5 | 175 (Comp) - TE Tre McKitty, Georgia (6'4" 245)
The Chiefs have to continue to look to add depth at TE because just about every signing they've made has been a colossal failure or close to it. I think Keizer does okay as a blocking TE but offers little as a receiver. McKitty is near the polar opposite in that he'll come in with some receiving acumen but needs to develop as a blocker. There will be little pressure on McKitty immediately, so he should take notes from Kelce and work on his craft.

Round 6 | 209 (f/Miami) - OC/OG Brett Heggie, Florida (6'5" 321)
I have the Chiefs sliding Allegretti over to center despite playing well at LG in 2020, given all indications were that he was drafted to play the position. I have Wylie being brought back on an RFA tender to plug LG another year. In the meantime, the Chiefs need to add another player that can project to center and be a backup swing guard. Heggie appears to be that type of guy with experience at both positions. Heggie's movement doesn't project as well to guard in the Chiefs' zone scheme, although it's serviceable, but his length could be an asset in the passing game as a center.

QB: P. Mahomes, C. Henne
RB: C. Edwards-Helaire, Dam. Williams, Dar. Williams

WR: T. Hill, D. Robinson, M. Hardman, B. Pringle, M. Stevenson, J. Ross
TE: T. Kelce, N. Keizer, T. McKitty

LT: J. Peters, W. Little, E. Fisher (PUP)
LG: A. Wylie, M. Rankin
OC: N. Allegretti, B. Heggie
RG: L. Duvernay-Tardif, Y. Durant
RT: L. Niang, A. Ealy

DE: F. Clark, T. Charlton
DT: C. Jones, T. Wharton
DT: D. Nnadi, M. Pennel, K. Saunders
DE: R. Perkins, M. Danna, T. Ward

SLB: W. Gay, D. Harris
ILB: A. Hitchens, B. Johnson
WLB: B. Niemann, D. O'Daniel

CB: C. Ward, L. Sneed, S. Wade, R. Fenton, T. Keyes, D. Baker
S: T. Mathieu, J. Thornhill, D. Sorensen, L. Hill, A. Watts

K: Butker
P: Townsend
LS: Winchester
duncan_idaho 10:35 AM 02-13-2021
Man, I really like everything about that except Shaun Wade in the second.
kccrow 07:04 AM 02-14-2021
Originally Posted by duncan_idaho:
Man, I really like everything about that except Shaun Wade in the second.
My other consideration was a flip-flop of 2nd and 4th rounders with
2-63 WR Tylan Wallace, Oklahoma State (6'0" 190)
4-133 CB Cameryn Bynum, California (6'0" 200)
OKchiefs 09:21 AM 02-14-2021
Small issue, I’d prefer we don’t sign Pennel if we have any faith in Saunders. Another year of being relegated to the inactive list doesn’t seem ideal, may as well cut him loose if that’s the case. He was a 3rd round pick and is looking like another DL bust if he can’t get more playing time by year 3.
duncan_idaho 09:49 AM 02-14-2021
Originally Posted by kccrow:
My other consideration was a flip-flop of 2nd and 4th rounders with
2-63 WR Tylan Wallace, Oklahoma State (6'0" 190)
4-133 CB Cameryn Bynum, California (6'0" 200)

I donít know much about Bynum, but I do like Wallace.

Iím just not a huge believer in Wade. He seems to get caught peeking a lot and doesnít have great instincts.
Chris Meck 10:09 AM 02-14-2021
I like it too other than Wade in the 2nd. Nothing wrong with the player, I'd just rather go WR at that spot with like Amari Rodgers. Wait until the 4th for a corner and go for like Robert Rochell, who seems like a ready-made Spags guy, just from a small school.

Love Mckitty and think he's undervalued. He'd be a real weapon, and if you pair that with Rodgers you've really re-stocked some weapons in one draft.
Bowser 11:16 AM 02-14-2021
Picking nits here as far as current players - I don't think Robinson has earned an offer much less a shot at starting #2 after this past season. That might be me just being down on him, but I think he really hurt his stock this year. And I also don't think they give Sorenson three years. Maybe one, maybe.

As for the draft, looks good. I'd like to have another tall receiving threat across from Kelce, hopefully McKitty can be that guy (would prefer a WR earlier in the draft or a FA signing).
RunKC 11:23 AM 02-14-2021
Wade is fine but we’ve got Fenton, Sneed, Ward and Baker. That’s pretty damn good
htismaqe 12:51 PM 02-14-2021
I like it. I don't even mind Wade in the 2nd. You're addressing needs with good solid fits.
Chris Meck 01:00 PM 02-14-2021
also, I doubt Little lasts to #94. You might have to jump up to the early 3rd to get him.

He's first round talent without a covid opt out, and coming off an injury like Niang was.
staylor26 06:34 PM 02-15-2021
Yea I’m not a huge fan of going corner in the 2nd, but I think Wade isn’t good value if you’re going to play him inside.

I dig it, and the rest is pretty good too.