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Saccopoo Memorial Draft Forum>Kadarious Toney, WR, Florida
Direckshun 01:50 PM 01-31-2021
Kind of torn on this guy.

Watched some footage on him and hes basically Curtis Samuels, who Im a huge fan of.

Hes been available to us at 32 in more than a few mocks, and of course his style of play fits our offense like a glove. Hed be outstanding.

But hes not an X. Matter of fact, if we let Sammy walk, theres no true X receiver between Hill, Toney, and Hardman.

If we elect to bring Robinson or Pringle back, that gives us a true X.

But how necessary is it for us to have one?
htismaqe 01:24 PM 02-11-2021
Originally Posted by Titty Meat:
Going to see cover 2 thrown at us next year. Gotta run the ball.
Andy just won't commit to the run.

The other way to beat Cover 2 is with TE's. Maybe they'll use more 12 personnel, which would help the running game and pass blocking as well.
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