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Saccopoo Memorial Draft Forum>Mock 1/30/21
kccrow 11:08 PM 01-30-2021
Chiefs run it back and dominate the Buccaneers 42-17 in the Super Bowl. Get fucked Tom.

Restructure QB Patrick Mahomes and WR Tyreek Hill roster bonuses into signing bonuses
Restructure LT Eric Fisher salary to reduce hit in 2021 while injured. Let's face it, its kind of a hard situation for both parties. The Chiefs could cut him and save over $11 million against the cap and move on, or they can retain him on vet min type restructure while he rehabs in house and then re-sign him if he makes a comeback. For Fisher, he'd either have to take something for nothing or take the cut and bank on himself returning. It's a difficult one, but I can't see KC carrying him at $15+ million when they won't have him for 2021 (or at least most of it) and him being slotted as a free agent in 2022.
Extend SS Tyrann Mathieu for 3 years.

Est. Cap Liabilities $163 million after transactions

Re-Sign FAs
OG/T Mike Remmers - 1 year VSB for $1,075,000 and $137,500 bonus that counts against the cap as $ 887,500
Remmers has been surprisingly good for the Chiefs this year and should be brought back as swing tackle insurance for the youngsters the Chiefs are likely to employ next year.
DT Mike Pennel - 1 year VSB for $1,075,000 and $137,500 bonus that counts against the cap as $ 887,500
Pennel has continued to be an integral cog for the Chiefs on the interior defensive line, accounting for 30% of the snaps and is they key backup to Derrick Nnadi, so I bet Veach extends another 1-year offer.
ER Taco Charlton - 1 year VSB for $990,000 and $137,500 bonus that counts against the cap as $ 887,500
Charlton looked to be developing and could be a solid rotational piece on the cheap if KC brings him back, which I think they may very well do.
WR Demarcus Robinson - Chiefs use 4-Year Qualifying Contract VSB as they did last year with Robinson and sign him to a 1-year, $2,240,000 guaranteed base with $137,500 bonus that counts against the cap as $1,127,500.
The WR market is likely to be relatively strong and the draft class is no slouch either. I don't think Robinson reels any big-time offers. He likely settles for a discounted contract again to stay a Chief.
WR Byron Pringle - 1 year vet min $920,000
I don't think the Chiefs will tender Pringle as a RFA because even 2.24 million is quite a sum for his services to date. While he has shown he's worth retaining, he'll still be 28 and has yet to make any major impact.
RB Darrel Williams - 3 years, $6.25 m
Much like Pringle, I don't think Wiliams receives a tender, but I think he's proven in the playoffs he deserves to come back. I think he gets a modest deal similar to the one Damien Williams received in 2018 to keep that 2021 salary lower.
LB Ben Niemann - 1 year vet min $920,000
While Niemann has seen more playing time than Pringle, I don't think he's a guy the Chiefs choose to tender. He'll get the opportunity to test FA but I think he comes back on a minimum 1-year deal.

CB Charvarius Ward, 2nd Rd RFA Tender at $ 3,422,000
OG Andrew Wylie, 2nd. Rd RFA Tender at $ 3,422,000
TE Nick Kiezer, ERFA Tender at $675,000
CB DeAndre Baker ERFA Tender at $750,000 (Making an assumption here that him being an ERFA is correct, apparently depends on the contract he signed)

Sign FAs
WR John Ross (CIN) - 1 year vet min $990,000 with incentives up to 2.0 m. Brett Veach is all about 1st round reclamation projects so I see Ross as definitely on the radar. While I'd prefer to pick up a guy like Rashard Higgins, I think money will be too tight for much dabbling in the market outside of bargain bin pickups. Ross brings serious speed but a serius injury history. That said, if he can be over the past shoulder injuries, he could turn into something special. At this point, I don't see much for Ross outside of a 1 or 2 year prove-it deal.
SS Lano Hill (SEA) - 1 year vet min for $990,000 . Hill was a highly touted safety prospect coming out of Michigan as a 3rd round pick but sitting behind some studs then finding himself with a hip injury at the end of the 2018/19 season and back injury this season hasn't helped his career. If his career can be resuscitated, he's got outstanding size and measurables to be a potential playmaker.

1. OT Samuel Cosmi, Texas (6'7" 309)
An athletic tackle with solid footwork but lacks in the technique department and too often finds his hands wide on his target. He reminds me a bit of the Chiefs' own Eric Fisher, but not as dominant coming out. Cosmi is getting much higher ratings in some circles, but I think he's a fringe round 1 talent that can be molded over time into a top-tier pass-blocking tackle that will function well in a zone run-blocking scheme only.
2. ER Ronnie Perkins, Oklahoma (6'3" 255)
Perkins is an explosive playmaker off the edge and would be a sure-fire first-round pick if not for his suspension for a failed drug test which likely will loom heavy for NFL teams. Perkins shows the ability to live in the opponents backfield and create havoc from both sides with a non-stop motor.
3. LB Baron Browning, Ohio State (6'3" 240)
I went into this thinking no way KC consider LB before day 3, but if the Chiefs end up taking a LB early in this draft then it's going to be a guy that can provide multiple abilities to Spags scheme and be the heir to Hitchens. Browning's athleticism shows up in his ability to close down the edge, spy the QB, and blitz off the corner, plus he has the size and strength to engage blockers.
4. WR Marquez Stevenson, Houston (5'11" 185)
I think Stevenson is just too sudden of a player to fall to the 3rd day, but if he does fall then it's probably more to do with medical concerns than anything else. He's certainly not the 6th round guy so many boards have him rated as IMO. Reid gets another playmaker.
4. DB Tariq Thompson, San Diego State (6'0" 208)
Athletic SS that does a good job filling against the run and is ballhawk in the passing game. He could take the place of Dan Sorensen in the back end of this defense.
5. OT/G Royce Newmann, Mississippi (6'5" 305)
Another athletic offensive lineman with starting experience at guart and right tackle for Ole Miss, he should test well in the spring. Newman is solid in pass pro but needs to work on his hands and functional power to generate better punch and movement in the NFL.
5. TE Nick Eubanks, Michigan (6'5" 256)
Eubanks is a decent receiver and blocker for the Wolverines but their offense didn't present him many opportunities. He would be a bit raw, but no more so than the rest of KC's awful backups at the position.
7. QB Dustin Crum, Kent State (6'3" 205)
With the last pick in the draft, it will be entertaining to see what magic Veach pulls but I'm putting my eggs in the developmental backup QB bucket. Crum has a pretty live arm and good accuracy but needs to add some weight and learn to play the NFL style game, probably on the PS for a year.

QB: P. Mahomes, C. Henne
RB: C. Edwards-Helaire, Dam. Williams, Dar. Williams

WR: T. Hill, D. Robinson, M. Hardman, M. Stevenson, J. Ross, B. Pringle
TE: T. Kelce, N. Keizer, N. Eubanks

LT: S. Cosmi, M. Remmers
LG: A. Wylie, R. Newmann
OC: N. Allegretti, D. Williams
RG: L. Duvernay-Tardif, Y. Durant
RT: M. Schwartz, L. Niang

DE: F. Clark, T. Charlton
DT: C. Jones, T. Wharton
DT: D. Nnadi, M. Pennel, K. Saunders
DE: R. Perkins, M. Danna, T. Ward

SLB: W. Gay, D. Harris
ILB: A. Hitchens, B. Browning
WLB: B. Niemann, D. O'Daniel

CB: C. Ward, L. Sneed, R. Fenton, T. Keyes, D. Baker
S: T. Mathieu, J. Thornhill, L. Hill, T. Thompson, A. Watts

K: Butker
P: Townsend
LS: Winchester
Direckshun 10:45 PM 02-02-2021
What’s the gameplan here for Fisher’s return?
Stryker 06:43 PM 02-03-2021
Originally Posted by kccrow:
I don't know, honestly. I kind of like him, kind of don't. I like his movement but he's not the world's greatest against top edge rushers and in projecting him to the pro game on the outside. I'd be remiss if I didn't say I would be concerned about the edge talent he'd face in our division, especially Bosa. It's like he doesn't have the anchor to handle good power rushers and he doesn't have the length to reach wide rushers. I haven't much read his scouting reports but the couple I have echo what I see. He might be better in a more run-oriented scheme like Baltimore, where his strengths would be most used and his weaknesses less exposed.
Thanks! :-)
kccrow 07:24 PM 02-03-2021
Originally Posted by Direckshun:
What’s the gameplan here for Fisher’s return?
To me, you take one approach that involves a Fisher return or you take one that doesn't and move on. That to me is either, A) you re-sign Remmers and you go out and snag another cheap vet, limp through 2021 the best you can at LT, and hope for Fisher's return to the previous form before the next offseason and re-sign him or B) you draft a LT early, re-sign Remmers to help with the growing pains, and you let Fisher walk in 2022.

This was the worst possible year for Fisher to have this injury. I have clearly supported and really like Fisher, but it's an injury where you can't just bank on him ever being 100% again. Most often, players never return to prior form, and a quarter of them never play again. It sucks, but if I'm pretending to be GM, I'm planning to move on. You are unlikely to find a starting LT beyond the 2nd round, and beyond the 1st is pushing it. So, you have to make your mind up.
Jonram99 11:30 PM 02-03-2021
Nice mock. I'm new here so I can say that.
LT is a premium spot. I'd even trade up if there's one worth going up to get that falls a bit. There's also the Stanford kid that some guys on the Rams board were interested in, but he has an injury history - otherwise he'd be top 5 LT pick. He's been mocked anywhere from low 1st round to 3rd round.
If Perkins works out, he'd be a great complement, Chiefs DLine is not really like the Rams'es, lol. But y'all run a 4-3 don't you? oh, who's your D-Coo...................


This is really a tough one guys. I really wanna be a Chiefs fan, I really do, but Spags....

j/k, go Chiefs!
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