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Frazod 09:31 PM 11-25-2019
Stumbled across this on YouTube - apparently the BBC has made a new War of the Worlds three-part miniseries that is far more faithful to the original Wells novel than anything else.

Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be available in the US yet, although there are several amazing clips available.

Looking forward to this as soon as there's a way to watch it. And if anybody knows a way to watch it now, please share!

FlintHillsChiefs 11:28 PM 11-25-2019
Thanks for making me aware of this. I, uh, "acquired" this by other means and I'm watching the second episode. Pretty decent so far.
jjchieffan 11:27 AM 11-26-2019
Is it available on Britbox? I don't have it, but I would subscribe for a month to watch this.
Mennonite 11:38 AM 11-26-2019
The ending of the novel is a huge anti-climax. It's great up until that point though.