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Washington DC and The Holy Land>Royal Oak police stop Black man for 'looking suspiciously' at white woman
Pitt Gorilla 01:00 PM 08-14-2019

Royal Oak police stopped a 20-year-old Black man for “looking suspiciously” at a white woman Tuesday evening.

Devin Myers was walking to Inn Season Cafe on Fourth Street when officers approached him and began questioning him.

Myers stayed calm and even apologized to the officers “for wasting your guys’ time,” according to a live Facebook video captured by Kimiko Adolph.

“I’m not going to leave a brother out here,” Adolph said.

Myers said he did nothing wrong.

One of the officers appeared annoyed that Adolph and others were complaining about stopping Myers.

“It’s not that big of a deal,” the officer said.

Adolph responded, “It’s a big deal when this happens consistently.”

Police eventually told Myers he was free to leave.

Inn Season Cafe paid for Myers’ meal.
Hoopsdoc 07:29 AM 08-15-2019
Originally Posted by Marcellus:
Maybe pick a story with an accurate and not outright false headline next time dipshit.

And there is nothing in the story to tell us what the woman saw that made them call police, they may have had good reason.

It's nothing but a race baiting headline and story and you bought it hook line and sinker like you always do.

I very seriously doubt you read past the headline and knew the woman called the police.
It’s not surprising in the least that Pitts last post in this thread was the one you responded to here. He posts garbage like this hoping no one will see through the bullshit, then slinks away when someone does.

He’ll be back in a few days with another race baiting thread or perhaps another scintillating glimpse into his “bible study” group and their foray into biblical history.

What an awful awful person.
Marcellus 07:35 AM 08-15-2019
Originally Posted by Rivaldo:
Marcellus is a turbo retard, bless his heart.
Well I never claimed to be a rocket scientist but I am clearly smarter than you and Pitt Gorilla are. :-)
Marcellus 07:37 AM 08-15-2019
Originally Posted by stevieray:
I think he scours the net looking for these kinds of threads.
Is there any other possible way he could have come across this story on

Then again he probably subscribes to some race baiting newsletter for self hating white men.
scho63 08:28 AM 08-15-2019
Yeah, I'm sure this is EXACTLY how this went down......:-)
Merde Furieux 08:31 AM 08-15-2019
Imon Yourside 09:54 AM 08-15-2019
In other news a Dog spotted A Fire Hydrant and lifted his leg next it, film at 11.
ChiTown 10:43 AM 08-15-2019
I am extremely outraged over a dumb bitch being a dumb bitch.

We need better dumb bitch laws....
Prison Bitch 10:44 AM 08-15-2019
He has a news alert from
Merde Furieux 11:00 AM 08-15-2019
Originally Posted by Prison Bitch:
He has a news alert from
Is that Reverend Wright's church?

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