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Washington DC and The Holy Land>Movie: The Hunt (Hunting & killing Deplorables)
Pogue 12:56 PM 08-08-2019

Canít embed but this is supposed to be entertaining?
Frazod 10:01 PM 08-12-2019
Originally Posted by mr. tegu:
Seems like they could have simply made it an elite verse poor thing. Injecting politics into the movie seems pretty pointless.
That's pretty much all I got from the trailer. It certainly didn't live up to all the hype.
GloryDayz 10:04 PM 08-12-2019
This movie will do its part to keep gun sales doing well. That's cool.
Loneiguana 05:16 AM 08-13-2019
Originally Posted by WhiteWhale:
That is how a dishonest sociopath who regularly lies and projects his awful sociopathic behavior on others WOULD view it.

You attempt to associate people with your own fictional constructs ALL THE TIME. Which you then, obviously, accuse others of doing. Every post of yours is just a subverted confession. NOBODY else on the entire forum does that.

You ARE the guy who shits in the swimming pool and denies it as the turd floats past you.
This is the second different thread you cried and lied about what I posted in a separate thread. And when called on it, again, you just melt down into this stupidity.

That's just damn pathetic. A month long temper tantrum isnt a good look son.

I really hit the mark for you to be this triggered, didnt I?
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